“Human Interest Stories: Go Tell It On The Mountain”

This day has been very placid. With the quietude now sounds most inviting. Time to yourself to reflect think plan on this most wonderful day. What better time to have something intangible. In November the city of Buffalo broadcasted a Christmas Mass to be sent around the world, to have it sent to the forty seven stations within the United States. This video is done in its entirety by the NBC stations and their affiliates. It is brought into each living room so people may have this unique rare opportunity. How amazing. Speaking of a tremendous ingenuity. My brother’s wife Ellen sent me a card two years ago. I have held on to this. I mentioned it in another blog and then wondered and contemplated over it. Let it go then started to research. The more I found the more research I would do. It is a baby and his name is Cole and underneath the smiling photo is printed Claudia and Jay Douglass and brother Reid. Then I googled these names and found that Reid had lymphoma. There is an article in the S.C. Herald newspaper dated 2011. and another one dated the same year at a later date. My Uncle Bobby was Claudia’s father. Uncle Bobby was my father’s brother. One of them, his other brother was named Maury. I tried to find Uncle Bobby repeatedly as well. He worked for RCA when he was very young. Then I went on facebook to see what I could find. To my utter amazement I found Claudia Douglass and clicked a friend request. Saw photos of Uncle Bobby, Reid and Cole and Jay Douglass. I am so astounded by this. It is the very best Christmas ever. Again something intangible which is splendid. Speaking of that word my son, Andre met with his publisher tonight. Got an advance of $100 for his book. Wonderful. He is working diligently on it. Is working on the second half and will soon combine to first and that part together. Waiting and patience does indeed have its rewards


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