“Puzzles And Photos” Part One

At this early hour, again couldn’t sleep. Try worry for one reason. Actually do a lot of that. Needless to say, its my past time. Rightfully so, with no questions asked. Let’s preface this by saying before I researched this I made a point to glance at the last blog on page twenty- six which was dated in mid-year of 2007. I had an old computer before I had this present one and found that I had blogged two years before 2007 as I recalled the first one was in August of 2005. I really met to save those with my flash drive yet never did so I shall do my utmost to try to recollect those with my mind. Knowing that one had a topic of puzzles and photos. Puzzles referring to the Davis side of the family and photos which I have an abundance of those. Speaking of which, the search is finally and gratefully finished. Claudia Douglass is my friend at long last and my Uncle Bobby’s daughter, which would make her my cousin. Wonderfully had a instant message notes total of six. Looking forward to hearing from her this weekend. My father’s side of the family is unknown outside of Claudia’s reference. My parents were very distant which was difficult growing up. Guess it was that way then. However couldn’t at all know why. I just thought it was very strange. However the good part is that my niece Liz said that she had very fond memories of Uncle Bert. Claudia says also the same of my father. Thought I would end this by adding something that Claudia shared from someone else which was on her page. Its entitled, A Letter from Heaven. Of course it is a prayer to God for those who have gone before us or who have died. These are those who I have known in a personal way. Bert and Violet Davis, my parents: Christine Mobeius, my sister: Tim Jecko, my dearest cousin: Perry and Cora Jecko, my aunt and uncle: Stephan Jecko my cousin: David V. Hopper, my husband: Bobby Davis, my Uncle Bobby. May each of these not be forgotten and live in those hearts whom they have left on this earth. A rejoice Happy New Year 2015 to those in earshot.


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