“Puzzles And Photos: Part Three, A Tribute”

A bitter cold with sub zero temps isn’t a picnic for man nor beast. Knowing that it is January and scrolling back to 2005 this is a tribute to my beloved best cousin in this world, Tim. He was an actor, world Olympic swimmer, an independent writer who scripted with interest many articles for the Star Ledger in New Jersey. On a personal note, I asked for his address from my mother and with her mean spirited tone gave me an answer that is unprintable. So with mere determination and it too quite a while and it was so well worth the time: I got it from my sister, Vivian gladly. So then came letters with picturesque penmanship handwritten cards, postcards, personally addressed to me, and many emails came back and forth. I was so thrilled. I answered each and everyone of them with care and finesse. This continued for a total of 10 years. By the way I still have these treasured pieces of intangible and tangible memories kept away for self keeping. He wrote comical articles with demonstrations of drawings that were truly unique. He told me about with utmost clarity of his children, his sons Christopher, Nick and Nick’s wife Judy and his daughter Sara. And came photos upon photos abound. He struggled with A.L.S. for 18 months. I was in Alabama at this time and would hope he would be better someway, somehow. However that wasn’t the case. On the 9th of January I phoned him and spoke to his wife of 10 years, Jo Ann. Then phoned him back on the 10th and demanded to speak to Tim. With a breathing tube in his throat we both said ” I Love You” he being first. Then I got an email dated on the 11th saying that Tim had died surrounded by his music and family. I cried and went immediately across the street to my adoptive grandmother, Julia and told her the devastated news. He was the most caring person, recalling when my sister died 3 years earlier, he making it a point calling me and saying how so sorry he was. He was most genuine, his wife Weesie recalling a most personal moment of where he showed great compassion and not divulging the incident. Growing up he made me feel on the top of the world which gave me such a lift which I so needed with compliments galore. You might say that growing up I favored him. Then later on in life I met his brother Mike. A wonderful, sweet, beautiful, magnificent person in his own right.


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