“Puzzles And Photos Part Four: Searching”

Focusing more on puzzles than photos recalling the disc that is tucked away safely pertaining to the blogs that were in 2005 through 2006 then 2007. These began in mid year of each of those. Had at that time an no longer email address plus a different way more ancient way to viewing the news online, then with that too another online blog that was connected with yahoo. My niece was getting married in Florida and wanted to go to the wedding. Was planning to fly to Indpls., though then my sister went without telling me as we were planning to go together. It was suppose to be a family affair however I should have known better than to rely on that, being that these people had a history of being distant. Just thought it would or could be different for once. Had too a social media site called my space the name for obvious reasons. Saw Liz on there that’s the reason that I was aware of her up coming marriage in June. Tried finding her sister Christal with earnest caring searching. Even for some reason looking at a website called woodtv based in Grand Rapids. Found on google she was in Michigan. Then I got an email from that site saying that a person tried to search for her however there television signal didn’t go far enough. Later on she had been near Detroit namely Dearborn. So finally and gratefully connected with her. While on that subject of searching, my father had a huge argument with my Uncle Bobby when I was 4 years of age and my sister was 2 years of age. My dear Uncle Bobby had many Christmas presents stacked up one on top of the other. All I saw was a huge doll with blond hair, blue eyes. Well to make matters worse, my father said” Take all of them with you and get out” As he is screaming at the top of his lungs. Then my father turned to my mother and said” Now what are we going to get them for Christmas”, she said” Give them coloring books and crayons, they won’t know the difference” Never saw Uncle Bobby for many years till I was in my early twenties and he and my father was talking in the alcove kitchen. I was quietly sitting at the kitchen table handwriting someone. Uncle Bobby comes over to me and is most complimentary. My father became jealous for some reason. Made some comment to Uncle Bobby which was not heard for my ears. Then years later I was in Jacksonville visiting my sister Vivian in 1995 and my sister was working though she was out of the house for some reason. I took that opportunity and phoned Uncle Bobby in Sarasota after getting his phone number from the operator. I had the best very comfortable conversation with him not knowing the length of it, though just concentrating on what was being said. I recall his cheerful voice saying that” I remember you as a baby that I was so cute lovable pretty.” I was thrilled. That was my last contact with him. I so treasured those words. My dear father told me once that I had constitution in which I have. Character is more important than reputation. Character is what you think of yourself. Reputation is what others think you are!


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