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” A Technical Aspect”

February 25, 2015

Waking up in the morning at the tweeting sounds of a bird chirping is a pleasant way to start the day and furthermore to put icing on the cake to have the meditation sounds of a French Singer or Sinatra sounding out beautiful tones.
For as much evil in the world there is countless amount of good as well. Good has and will always outshine evil. When any newborn baby comes into this wonderful world, this phenomenon isn’t evil in the beginning. There is an intuitive attitude built in all of us a technical aspect which tell us the difference between right and wrong. There is an adage which is ‘whatever you do don’t get caught’. Unfortunately as the baby grows this slogan is drilled into them with a fine tooth comb. As this person grows in stature this human being sees and has all types of experiences. This human blindly goes through life and clearly accepts what is handed not knowing that their could change dramatically if for one instance there was a choice or a path to be taken. This person may have everything at their disposal. In some cases a high intellect is given to them, yet with that the path is going in circles, making errors time and again without any consequences. Their entire life is a standstill without rhyme or reason. This person is in one jam or another without accountability. Sadly there are countless individuals like these mentioned. They come from all walks of life, all economic statuses, Regardless of race, religion. They can be anyone.

“The Winter Whiteness”

February 21, 2015

The cold blink frigid times, who needs it! Nobody not a living soul. The extremes of anything is really too much to bear for anyone. Neither the extreme hot nor the extreme cold plays havoc on the human body and for that matter an animal or anybody. These days of below temperatures are horrendous. You go outside and take even a short walk no matter the length, you have to force yourself to keep going for if for one instance you stop for some unknown reason you would think you would freeze for it is that cold. Then you go inside and it takes a matter of more than a minute to warm your body up and the shock of it seems as if you are shivering which you are in actuality. Indeed it is no fun. My bones and muscles are playing havoc and sometimes are in pain and wake me up at night or having trouble going to sleep because of the pain or at this very moment a dull pain. This is exaggerated for one reason the deepest of the cold. Not ruling out arthritis by any means and putting some ice cold rub on the area which could be acute. Never want to start a habit of taking medicines even at this young at heart age. That theory is that you repair something and something again goes wrong in another place and then its on and on again. So why would I start something without finishing it. To me its like starting a box of something and eating just enough and then starting on another and eating your fill and again on and on. Why not start and finish the first one without starting in midstream. That is more of a logical outcome. Never say that stress may cause the pain. For the simply answer that you can relieve stress by reading a favored book, watch some choice movies, which are many and very selective. Reading” James Stewart by Marc Eliot a bio.”Vincent” a choice movie with Bill Murray is excellent: anything with Bill Murray is worth anyone’s time. Taking a walk or occupying your time with enjoying activities is my answer. Being around certain people you want to be instead of whether you have to be. No one is obligated to you but yourself, just answer to yourself and of course to your creator. Have a conscience an intuition then of course only follow that. Be your own leader. Never let another be in control. Others may guide or advise you, only you will make decisions then answer for them. Now its time to edit! Good with Philosophy too! Don’t know your talents till the time arises. Sometimes it’s natural and you surprise yourself.

” What… Again”

February 5, 2015

With nearly a foot of fresh fallen white floating snow at a rapid pace the levelness of it as if someone could have measured it with a ruler it was that exact. Strolling in it as if in a kid’s playground, seeming as in a falling down halfway and getting up in a forward motion and purposely repeating it and laughing loudly and not caring if anyone heard or not. Just having pure enlightening enjoyment. All that was missing were endless bridges and in the depth of oceans in my mind’s eye. The overall scenery as if London Town appears in the foggy air. Without a notion what… again without a warning a couple of days before this event, came eyes watering, head pounding on the side the temples, fever blister prior. So still again I put some cayenne pepper in hot tea to try to relieve the pressure and it works in a somewhat fashion. Then I put some apple cider vinegar in a cup with a little water and drink the nasty concoction. Again it works somewhat. It is worse when I lay down at night. Can’t seem to be in a comfortable position and going from right to left and part way in between, a miserable time of it. Counting the seconds where there is relief. Can’t take medicine and won’t refuse it simply for the reason its not reasonable. When you take medicine the thing you want to fix is repaired yet something else is wrong then you fix that and so on, I call it a downward spiral. So why start it in the first place. This situation occurs once or twice every year. That is dependable. It doesn’t last forever, go figure, just deal with it.