” A Bit Of Normalcy” Part One

Tending to wake at abnormal hours is nothing new. Just telling the body that you’ve had enough sleep. Of course this is natural only depending on how deep a person sleeps as referring to REM. Which in my case is true. May have the tendency to sleep anywhere, anytime regardless of the hour. Naturally this takes into consideration the amount of tension you have. Or pressure which is the same thing. In my case I personally have a great deal. I too, put a huge deal of it on myself which sometimes I have to remind myself, sometimes to relax. However to do this I tend to give myself a bit of normalcy and do this my way. Watching movies not just any to past the time, but a type of relaxation: movies that have particular interest to me which are in the circle of a myriad. Being highly motivated with accomplishing anything in advance beforehand so I can go on to another thing. When stress gets just to much I tend to just walk and sometimes that relieves it. A time to get away a breath of fresh air taking small amounts as I go, breathing in and out. Being high strung is a tendency to myself. Things that are due to something are easier. However when it comes to something and involves individuals that are close to me. It is another story altogether. Being very sensitive in regard to individuals who I hold dear to my heart, I will defend them to the hilt. Being a Taurus I appear to be cold hearted or my way of thinking being aloof. Part of getting rid of tension is writing about the experiences and doing it in an intelligent audible venue. Without alluding to the particulars of the incident because that just makes my blood boil over, the more just the mere thought of it. Being suffice saying it involves my niece betraying my younger son in the course of confidentiality. I wouldn’t even mention anything about the incident or think that it didn’t matter however I only say this for the reason that it was wrong and she shouldn’t away with such behavior. I in turn don’t want to move in the direction of anymore animosity. My true intention is harmony. She will always be a niece to me.


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