” A Bit Of Normalcy” Part Two

Springtime, songbirds singing, cheers, hugs and love of this special season to all worldwide. A bit of normalcy, watching favorite movies with depth, endless walks, spring projects to pass the time in a constructive way, all in all while endlessly waiting for something. The tension rises as you can’t wait anymore however yet do for you haven’t a choice. The week goes as you call and get an automatic recording which makes more pressure, anxiety within the depths of your soul. Then going on a website putting personal information down as you wander why and if you should do this however again the choice isn’t yours. Week two and each time you look on the same website it is the same no change. Inwardly you want to scream to the heavens however outwardly you keep your composure. Surely there will be a sign next week. Yet the third week arrives with payments due, money owed, and again the same procedure. You start to pray and more that you previously did and start making a priority giving you some sort of satisfaction while telling yourself and calming yourself down at least inwardly. Watching more movies, having chats with some remarkable close friends manages to ease the pressure yet you know it won’t leave you until it comes. Then following week arrives and nothing. Looking at the whole picture you wonder why a person has to endure this misery. You say to yourself as the saying goes misery loves company and that doesn’t help one iota. You know that others are waiting for the same thing and are in the same boat as you: however you think that their boat is a cruise liner while yours is a rowboat and you are going down the river in choppy stormy waters. You look on different news sites leaving your mind to wander about other persons who are in desperate situations some by their own hand and others by circumstance just handed to them. You feel pity for some and want to change it and can’t. You think of a special prayer while that has a calming effect. While on to week five, you come to a Canadian news site. CBC and view that low income and senior citizens are receiving their refunds sooner only two weeks of waiting. The Canadian government realizes that individuals need their just shares within a reasonable period. You count the time as to when you turn it in and it being received and it becomes irritating. You check the site again and it has been received. What it takes this long five weeks. It now gives a date as to when it will arrive as it as been processed. A week more: What Go Figure yet you wait. Then week six comes and it arrives on Monday. You thank your lucky stars it wasn’t yet longer. Oh it was by design!


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