“A Bit Of Normalcy” Part Three

Seems like Spring at last however doesn’t really feel like it, being there are still patches of snow on the ground and it air feels still cold more so in doors than outside. Still viewing fabulous movies with depth the favorite kind. Then for a change viewing ” King of the Hill” That cartoon is funny and is filled with downright superb writing as each script brings wonder to the funny bone as the characters are so outlandish. Moving to the Midwest was a real type of adjustment: with dialects, spread out places, flat lands among other attributes. Although have attributed to mere survival is all a part of life. I personally enjoy the East Coast a great deal better for a number of reasons that would take a book to answer. It is reasonable to have some sort of vehicle in which to motivate. I noticed straight forward that very few persons walk in the Midwest. That was very difficult for me to recognize. These people even go a block in their cars instead to walking. That is hard to imagine for me as I have walked all my entire life, and really don’t mind it as I allow myself always enough time to get to appointments, work and such. People don’t carpool either for obvious reasons, neither do they hitchhike. The bus systems are ridiculous in smaller towns as are the taxicabs as well. I personally have never driven a motor vehicle and really don’t mind it. As the slogan goes” If you haven’t had it then you don’t miss it”. I call it a minor inconvenience and don’t let it get to me at all. However I have found that questions like, do you drive or oh you don’t drive? Seems to close minded individuals as these people seem to turn it to me and question as to why? In the first place, it is at my discretion as to if I want or if I don’t that is mainly and solely up to me and no one else. I personally love trains for a myriad of answers. Seems like if the majority are doing something and the minority aren’t then again the narrow minded people pick on the minority to see the fallacy of that particular situation and needlessly wrong and blame the minority, It will and has been going on and will continue to move forward for that’s the way it is: forget the rationally. Just keeping in mind a bit of normalcy as if it minds it matters.


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