” All Over The Board”

Spring is chronologically here yet not in reality as the air is cold and raining. First of all have to say that I was blogging this post and it was highlighted five times and managed to save it yet after blogging 374 words I managed to lose it. My son looked in the recycled bin couldn’t find it. When that occurred I simply remained calm ate four starbursts two jolly ranchers before proceeding to recall the contents. My intention is to simply try to make these writings perfect or near to it so each time this happens I am yelling at the computer as it becomes nerve raking. Now I shall begin to recall what I lost. Put my memory to the another ultimate test. Feels like autumn now. Cold at night, needing the heat for warmth. Recently viewed” The Imitation Game” It is thought provoking, sensitive. Highly recommended. Been listening to doo-wop music, 90’s alternative while still recalling melodies familiar and progressive. Been condensing items, so a non cluttering becomes a habit. Recently went to Dr. Shapiro. After a battery of eye tests as usual. He greets me and calls me ‘Gracie’. There are only a few who may refer to me by that name. It is a sign of affection to me only by a few not all. As the doctor is checking my eyes through a scope both of us start chatting away about family. Asks it if I’ve taken a trip to the East Coast and while is uttering those words I’m thinking how wonderful it would be again live there. I tell him about my son writing a book that is being sold on Amazon” Perdition’s Epilogue” Book 1. And that Andre is working on Book 2. He says I must be so proud of him. My thought again to that statement is how much. I tell him that Andre had mrsa and Dr. Shapiro said he comes in contact with that daily. I also say that my son has been diagnosed with Amyloidosis and that it has settled in his kidneys. My doctor is very familiar with amyloids. Tells me that he operates on persons who have or have had them. I tell him that amyloids are found in the heart, liver and other vital organs. He mentions that amyloids are found in the eyes also. I have been going to Dr. Shapiro for nine years. On one of those my visits he mentioned that I would be his patient till he retires. I mention to him that I went to another eye doctor for 25 years. He already knew that because he had the all my records. At my first visit with Dr. Shapiro I was apprehensive of course. At this initial visit he said that’ you have the best attitude given the cards you’ve been dealt’ I have to recall this positive statement now and then. It is in the fashion of being philosophical in nature. I have to keep this pertinent statement in mind when asking him questions that deal in a personal nature.


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