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” A Trend “

May 13, 2015

Nearly one in the morning on this frosty night in May, with endless thoughts to script isn’t unusual at least for myself. My son Andre is working the entire night by himself which in fact he likes that and he is scheduled that way all week. Guess the restaurant saves on labor. Trends come and go whether it be in fashion or anything else in the American society. Most trends aren’t worth mentioning, however this particular trend needs to be addressed. Read an article just the day before yesterday anchored by the Pew Exchange. It states the trend of geographic sections in the country whether it being the Midwest, the south, the northeast or the west. The article was quite disturbing as it dealt with religion and its decline from 2007 as to now. The so-called none which as I understood as meaning people who had no affiliation with any type of religion whatsoever. These none in a plural sense had not or didn’t want any form of a Creator or Supreme Being! Some people don’t go to church yet they do pray to the heavens above for peace solace and inner warmth. However these individuals don’t have any desire to do even that. These same persons are good as other are. Their goodness doesn’t overshadow their being genuinely kind. This trend of none in the plural is on the rise dramatically. They were born of different faiths whether it being Catholics, an array of Protestants, including Evangelicals. The section of the country which has the highest percentage of none is the west. This trend comes on the heels of the upcoming national election. A question comes to mind. Does this have anything to do with the Patriot Act which will be renewed in a few day by the US Congress? My contention is that I’ve always thought that religion should be a private matter! Voting should be the same. No one should tell another to vote a certain way. It is clearly up to that individual and others should never interfere with that process. However in America if you happen to be a type of religion the voters will take full advantage of that as in years past the voting technique will do their best to gear that person in their own direction. That shouldn’t be. However it is unfortunately.

” A Wing And A Prayer”

May 12, 2015

Time to unleash some needed thoughts taking a day off from being glued to the computer while doing other necessary things in the apartment. Yes the Stanley Cups Playoffs are still in high gear and the New York Rangers are going for a seventh game against the Caps! Both teams play tomorrow in the evening. The teams are narrowing down a slight. Yesterday I put a heavy picture on the wall: put it in a different place. This particular photo weighs a lot. First I had to find a nail from another place taking that on out of the wall. Then I had to get a knife and pounded the nail into the back of the wood frame then of course that didn’t work so I had to lengthen to steel then again put the nail into the wall. Then putting the photo on the wall again was a great accomplishment. Felt great, also rearranged the photos that are on the wall. This was done while my son was a work. Actually didn’t take along as I thought it would be. Before doing this I cleaned my entire apartment starting with taking a good deal of dirt off the wooden air fan. Actually I like being alone doing constructive things, keeping busy. Might say at this point my essence of doing this blog is amazing for the noise is beyond maddening. At other times the apartment is quiet while I blog. This is the fifth month of the year and haven’t gone to church at this point. Still have the desire yet the churches aren’t in walking distance. Speaking of churches a small group of Madison churches will open their doors tomorrow in the wake of the news conference announcing the district attorney on the possibility on the indictment of the police officer shooting a young teen victim. There has been numerous shootings involving police officers. Now it is quiet here. Did pretty well in concentration. Proud of myself. Read today that there are nearly 4000 guns being traced to Georgia being used on New York Island. I think that when a crime is committed whichever type it is and there is a gun involved. The trace of these guns should be of greater concern than already is. Not a thought of that comes into play. It is a real shame. No one thinks a bit about this aspect. The gun dealer should be put out of business. It is liken to drug dealers who are too numerous. This isn’t mentioned at all. The thought is the question of Why? Has to be a reason. May is a great month for celebrations!

” New York Dreaming”

May 8, 2015

Glued to the Hockey Playoffs, both on the television and the computer watching each team advance ahead. What an exhilarating time. Love the sport. Although I want certain teams to take the Cup: the process is exciting and grueling to watch. Watching several movies these days to the betterment of some. Pick and choose these at random and so enjoying this to the fullest. Celebrations filled this month which makes it better as to the weather favoring in a pleasant direction. Warm sunny days and cooler nights a perfect combination. Strapped with responsibilities as normal as all are, these prior mentioned activities are a breath of fresh air. If one day in the near future, with money to spare my choice would be to go to New York for a visit. Being a native New Yorker, my thoughts are of New York dreaming. I just love the state. It has everything you could imagine and then some. Sounding like someone who doesn’t want to shout for joy yet inwardly am when I think of that place. Would one day want to live there again however don’t know just where yet. There are so many places available in which to choose. You can take the person out of the place yet never take the place out of the person. This will be short and sweet.