” New York Dreaming”

Glued to the Hockey Playoffs, both on the television and the computer watching each team advance ahead. What an exhilarating time. Love the sport. Although I want certain teams to take the Cup: the process is exciting and grueling to watch. Watching several movies these days to the betterment of some. Pick and choose these at random and so enjoying this to the fullest. Celebrations filled this month which makes it better as to the weather favoring in a pleasant direction. Warm sunny days and cooler nights a perfect combination. Strapped with responsibilities as normal as all are, these prior mentioned activities are a breath of fresh air. If one day in the near future, with money to spare my choice would be to go to New York for a visit. Being a native New Yorker, my thoughts are of New York dreaming. I just love the state. It has everything you could imagine and then some. Sounding like someone who doesn’t want to shout for joy yet inwardly am when I think of that place. Would one day want to live there again however don’t know just where yet. There are so many places available in which to choose. You can take the person out of the place yet never take the place out of the person. This will be short and sweet.


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