” A Wing And A Prayer”

Time to unleash some needed thoughts taking a day off from being glued to the computer while doing other necessary things in the apartment. Yes the Stanley Cups Playoffs are still in high gear and the New York Rangers are going for a seventh game against the Caps! Both teams play tomorrow in the evening. The teams are narrowing down a slight. Yesterday I put a heavy picture on the wall: put it in a different place. This particular photo weighs a lot. First I had to find a nail from another place taking that on out of the wall. Then I had to get a knife and pounded the nail into the back of the wood frame then of course that didn’t work so I had to lengthen to steel then again put the nail into the wall. Then putting the photo on the wall again was a great accomplishment. Felt great, also rearranged the photos that are on the wall. This was done while my son was a work. Actually didn’t take along as I thought it would be. Before doing this I cleaned my entire apartment starting with taking a good deal of dirt off the wooden air fan. Actually I like being alone doing constructive things, keeping busy. Might say at this point my essence of doing this blog is amazing for the noise is beyond maddening. At other times the apartment is quiet while I blog. This is the fifth month of the year and haven’t gone to church at this point. Still have the desire yet the churches aren’t in walking distance. Speaking of churches a small group of Madison churches will open their doors tomorrow in the wake of the news conference announcing the district attorney on the possibility on the indictment of the police officer shooting a young teen victim. There has been numerous shootings involving police officers. Now it is quiet here. Did pretty well in concentration. Proud of myself. Read today that there are nearly 4000 guns being traced to Georgia being used on New York Island. I think that when a crime is committed whichever type it is and there is a gun involved. The trace of these guns should be of greater concern than already is. Not a thought of that comes into play. It is a real shame. No one thinks a bit about this aspect. The gun dealer should be put out of business. It is liken to drug dealers who are too numerous. This isn’t mentioned at all. The thought is the question of Why? Has to be a reason. May is a great month for celebrations!


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