” A Secret”

An absolutely wonderful birthday just within a short time ago, was very memorable! Got loads of cards, well wishes and surprises which are the best kind! One in particular was sent by my older son which was delectable fruit edibles. Had three inflatable colorful balloons which one of them expressed Happy Birthday! My younger son published his book” Perdition’s Epilogue Book 1 on Amazon! This book has sold many copies and it is dedicated to me! How beautiful is this, such a tender gesture. He is working on the Book 2 which is dedicated to his late Dad! This particular book is especially good too. His writing flows so naturally as he has such unique talent. Another birthday was June 2nd which was my late sister, Christine’s. I only wished that I had known her better: although am pleased that I knew her at all. I was eight years older than she. Another birthday that is arriving very soon is my wonderful dear cousin, Mike’s who I recall to be very caring the last time I saw him five years ago that he pursed is lips in a sign of a kiss as I was riding away. I so love him always. Yet another birthday that is arriving shortly after my dear cousin’s is my very good friend Alynn’s which is the 21st. Still yet another birthday which comes on the 26th is my sweet cousin’s Claudia on the father’s side of the family. In fact it is noticeable that I had an engaging very long conversation which lasted nearly 3 hours with her today. A secret that is told to you is the best kind if you keep it to yourself which I will take many of them to my grave ( afterlife). Many of them have been told to me in confidentiality. A secret which I want to say which I am very proud is that I haven’t been to a medical doctor for a checkup since a year after my younger son was born. In my way of thinking is that people run to the doctor for anything and everything. Those people have insurance. So not a big deal. The only medical doctor I have is Doctor Michael B. Shapiro. He will be the only doctor in my life. This is fine with me. As the expression goes”, beg, borrow and steal to make ends meet” each month, in a technical sense. Not a charity case either, by any sense of the imagination. Just know in my heart what is right and wrong and that is what matters.


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