” Another”

The cooler days brought plenty of rain these pass few days which is a pleasant relief from the heat of the day. The Stanley Cup Playoff is history as the Chicago Blackhawks took glory in the final six games. What was disappointing yet not typical was when the Cup was raised above the head of the start of many players, the local station stopped the proceedings in midstream and the local news came on which to everyone’s mind was news worthy except for me and of course to a few others. In basketball the playoffs were gladly awarded to the Golden State Warriors of Oakland which was deservedly so. Speaking of this state, wonderful governor Walker is running for president of the U.S. This man doesn’t even have a college education and boosts about the fact. There was an article in the Washington Post about this governor stating that he wanted teacher’s and the union to separate and it supposedly was successful in this state he is taking it nationwide. What is ridiculous is the expression divide and conquer however he actually believes this to be true. Another fact is that if a person is receiving ebt for some legitimate reason. The person will be tested for illegal drugs just because that person is receiving food stamps. This governor is taking away the badger care for those who work. Therefore the only way a person who may receive badger care is not to work or have any job at all. If for instance a person winds up in the hospital with absolutely not a drop of insurance to pay for the stay it would be catastrophic. To make matters worse this governor refused any kind of federal money and has taken the state badger care in its place. While on the subject of insurance another secret is that I myself don’t have any dental insurance and recalling when I came to this state: had to pay a dentist $800 for a total of a few visits. The reason for going to the dentist initially is to have a checkup and the dentist who is very reliable found gum disease which was serious to the health of my teeth and could be detrimental if not treated in other words a person could loose all their teeth. Fortunately it was caught in time yet was stage two. Once a person has periodontal disease it should be checked periodically and never overlooked this. Also while there, had a bridge put in on the right side of the month. Fortunately it has lasted five years and counting hopefully. Still making ends meet which is extremely important!


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