” Yet Still Another”

The overnight hours brings a true sense of relevancy. Being a genuine movie buff with particular cinemas in mind comes a mesmerizing documentary” What Happened, Miss Simone? viewed with my good friend yesterday. It is my intent to just simply wait for movies that are worthwhile instead of wasting time just seeing anything that comes down the path just for the sake of it, for time is too precious to waste and furthermore not a living soul has the capacity to turn back time and relive the past to make the time worth it. All the controversy of Whole Foods which was negative overshadows the fact of the owner which has a novel idea and in fact puts it into practice. With the great abundance of food wasted daily. He has had some food which he sells at rock bottom prices to those people who can’t afford food because of the high expense. These people are the working poor. These food products are fine and edible yet at the same time these are just on the verge of being discarded. So instead of doing that this owner takes this food and stores it in a place which is a grocery store which is called” The Daily Table”. The working poor which consists of 60% of the population doesn’t want and will never take a handout! That in fact is one of many of my rules. It’s easy to say to a person” So why don’t you go to a food bank if you are hungry” It is easy to say that statement to another person just because that person isn’t doing that. That person is giving advice to deaf ears. So people for the most part should mind their own business just take a hold of their own affairs and not just give advice without being asked. Now here is a story which is hard to make short because I have the tendency to go in many directions so I will try to condense this story. It was a week ago tomorrow which is a timeframe. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful cheery day. Had my mind focused on giving a birthday present to my friend and in fact it was my second cousin Sara’s birthday on the same day. As I was walking on the pavement I happened to see a woman with two small dogs. She wasn’t paying any attention to these dogs on the leashes as she was just running her mouth yakking away to some gentleman and monopolizing the conversation. She saying fifty words as he was trying to be polite. As I approached I recall stopping, waiting patiently to let me pass as there is a small passageway. I was watching and paying full attention. As I walked forward there was one of the leashes out of the way. I looked and went to pass not trying to be rude. I tumbled over the leash and hit face first on the pavement. I was stunned for a moment and then the woman was crowding me and gentleman was very concerned and asked me if I would perhaps like to sit down. I mentioned thanks just I was fine, as I gathered up my glasses which were scratched on the right lens, which made those glasses useless. Oh I immediately gathered up the birthday present which was fine that made me feel good inside. Now I have been wearing these other glasses which I prefer the others more attractive specs and I like those better than these. However the angels were around me once again.


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