” A Symbol”

Up and down topside is my stomach now that is a secret no one telling ok. May by the end of this blog it will settle down oh by the way it is to that point. This joyous July three days in the month came my older son Ian’s birthday. He is forty two years of age. Remarkable. Recalling those many years ago I was patiently awaiting to the forefront to withdraw a sizable amount of cash to give it to the hospital in Indianapolis. Again on his birthday I was again standing in a bank to pay the rent money. As I was waiting for the clerk to count out the amount I glanced at the clock noting that it is quarter till eleven and same time it was 42 years ago. How ironic. Might say it is a symbol. Also Ian was three weeks late coming into this world. Had gone through a happy nine months of joy and then waiting three more weeks shy of another week into another month. Actually I was so overwhelmed this didn’t matter. Not even having not an iota of insurance. What mattered most was that my son was healthy, which in fact he was and is. Having insurance is for the selective few. Never had it so that’s the way the cookie crumbles. My younger son hasn’t got insurance either and therefore it is most difficult when his medical condition comes into play. I myself don’t even have any insurance and have never had it. I worry about my younger son more because of this amyloid both his kidney and he is here with me. My older son Ian and his family is in Jordan. Ian was born in 73 and that is my age! That too is a symbol. Have to say this blog is short and sweet!!!


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