“Forest From The Trees”

Nearly twenty minutes till two in the morning, brings a new day and this month is believably half over. How remarkable is that. My son, Andre is working another overnight by himself at a local restaurant nearby and so guess what it gives me time to have constructive thinking. My observance is many things yet those items either don’t deserve a response or there is a comment to be had simply because it isn’t necessary. However must say that if a person asks a question the self judging population has to retort in a way that is typical; such as ‘why’. Or this self absorbing individuals will give a point of view which is again typical. This happens far too often that people are unaware of their verbal responses. Called the several churches to see if for some reason these organizations could aid financially. The first two said “No” without a reason. Though the third gave the same answer and gave a legit reason say that all the churches weren’t aiding because of the drug problem which is over the top and couldn’t although they really wanted to aid however didn’t have the funds. The problem was so overwhelming. I thought the third church had real courage to let someone know instead of ignoring it. They want to be part of the solution. I thought that was a positive act. I then phoned the senior center and got a very engaging lady that did her research and referred me to a couple of agencies which had 1 8oo numbers. Asked me for some personal information then after giving me some rigamole said ” that the agency was unable to aid. I was honest and was astonished by their rudeness their utter disregard for a fellow human being. I won’t dignify the name of the agency simply because they don’t deserve air play. Our fellow human beings refuse to see the forest from trees and unfortunately group all together. How sad is that?


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