” Interlocking Interlude”

A magical yet in my case a third time which better be a charm. Usually I blog at night however this time it is happening in the morning which I would think that at anytime would be good while the oven is hot to strike a mood of progressive constructive dialogue. Years ago my creative son, Andre wrote a play in a notebook. It hasn’t been published yet as ” Perdition’s Epilogue” Book One is on amazon. He is editing the sequel and writing another book “Anytown” This play is so original and timeless, actually up to date even in todays standards. The characters jump out from the page as being lifelike. These individuals are in real life sometimes threatening circumstances: as their life up to this point is very stressful. These characters are as follows: Zen who is in the mainstream is very intellectual, dresses conservatively has liberal ideas: John who is Zen’s childhood friend is very idealistic has some heated although friendly debates with Zen. There are John’s parents who are always self judging and putting John down. There is Nicole who is apprehensive of all her friends because of being abused by her parents. Katrina who is somewhat wayward, young fifteen years of age. So Zen and John try to mentor her which is to no avail however both of them are credited for their efforts. These are the main characters and the secondary characters are a couple of cops who are constantly harassing these kids and making a game of it. Although the kids are far more intelligent and see right through the shananigans. Then there is Skeet who is in his mid-forties who is appears to be in and out of the saga. Has a reputation of being a recluse and very hard get along with everybody concerned and therefore clashes with all the personalities. Doesn’t have any respect for himself and the kids dislike Skeet intensively however never verbly utter any words such as those. Undoubtingly there are harrowing situations in the middle of this play yet each character has a surprising happy ending with exception of Nicole who turns up in a very sad way!
Hopefully at some point this notably inventive play will be published so the world may appreciate the intentions of natural true talent


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