While going up the street near my apartment I happen to come across this fine feathered friend who gently prances softly on the hard pavement not barely lifting up his thin brightly orange feet. Just glides along smoothly. His color is quite unusual as being dark grey on his head as his wings are magnificent with bright white designs. He spreads his wings and he is off not even to have a glance at the surface below. He is unusual as he flies not in flight as other birds seems to do. This creature isn’t far from the ground at all: in fact he is eye level to myself. I would think that this particular species of bird is a pigeon however not the size as most pigeons which are near the lakes or the oceans. Those seem far larger. This pigeon seems to have lost weight and one day it was in the road and I had hoped it wouldn’t be hit by these fast going cars which travel at mock speed not watching for those in the way. So each day in the early morning as the sun has already arose I see this pigeon just coming and of course it stops and I look in amazement. He seems not to be hesitant as I speak softly as he listens. He has a calming effect on me. As I go on my way toward the corner and turn I am bombarded with refuse along the path. People have an apathy ignorance on the verge of sloth. Each time I see refuse on the ground it is horrid. There are refuse cans in eyes view yet people just won’t use them. There should be a forced fine for litter. It has gotten out of hand. In fact when I take my trash to the dumpster I walk to the closest entrance and I pick up a diet mountain dew empty can and take it with me. It is on my way and it is always in the same place on top of where the mail is delivered to the apartments. I have pick it up countless times I have lost count yet can’t just leave it stay. If I do it bothers me. There have been beautiful clouds today and I see them separate and have the patience to watch them close and come together as the bright blue sky disappears away from the clouds. What a magnificent sight. Could watch clouds endlessly. Never tire of them especially as these become darker and there is a grayish tint to them. It again leaves a serene feeling.


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