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” Wonderment”

September 25, 2015

Aside from favorite movies which are too numerous to mention leaves a sense of mere enjoyment. Then there is the harmony of music which everyone is aware of certain genres. A friend indeed are books. A discovery of wonderment that you can hold in your hands and just open and close at your will yet is always there. Unfortunately there are people who haven’t had the opportunity to read anything. Some have never been taught, and that is spread through generations. It is their private secret. Others because of economic status haven’t been able to afford books even if they had the desire to read. Still others because of war haven’t had this rare choice.
My list of books are a myriad of favorites. Now my choice is National Geographic magazines and readers digest. Love wrapping my thoughts around news articles. Particularly news for the independent, the guardian, the voice of Russia which are new discoveries of knowledge. Getting different points of view. Occasionally the news from the three network sites along with fox and cnn are becoming redundant and giving the US points of view seem not whole enough so my son Andre has introduced me to another way of knowledge a better way.
Speaking of Andre. He is nearly finished editing ” Paradise Epilogue’ which deals which the subject of Heaven. It is the sequel to the e- book on Amazon. The publisher can have the book in print. Was looking on google today about that very thing. There is a screenplay ” Squatters” which Andre wants to make it into a novel. That I’ve read and think is sensational.
My enjoyment of expressing private thoughts in these many blogs are endless. I’ve made a couple of errors though still hope that people will get pleasure out of reading them, as I have creating them.

” The Lobbies”

September 23, 2015

Soon enough as a matter of a few hours it will be the autumn equinox where both day and night are of equal value. The start of the season of autumn is a welcome change and I for one are welcoming this with open arms. Hopefully the sinuses won’t be as bad just tolerable. The lobbies are brought about with sometime vengeance, the big money operators in order for bills to be passes of vetoed are a crying shame. Welcome to American politics which as the true expression makes strange bedfellows.
Let’s focus on two lobbies in particular the beer lobby and the tobacco lobby. The first being in the state of Wisconsin and the second being the state of North Carolina. This tobacco state is bold enough to have major cities named after a type of cigarettes. Winston Salem and Raleigh! Everyone is aware of the lawsuits brought against these companies for misrepresenting products. Needless to say the ailments caused by these however the choices of humans are on their own shoulders.
Now for the second culprit which if were used properly wouldn’t be near to a huge problem. Those who are familiar with Americas Dairy Land has the worse record in the field of driving under the influence, while its become sad only to say a joke as to the ultimate number of offenses. It continues to rise in large part of the beer lobby. Climate change is man made. The pollution from electric plants, people smoking cigars, cigarettes as the smoke is circling the sky, the clouds, the atmosphere, the stratosphere is horrific.
Let’s not question the oceans which are littered with refuse in the five of seven oceans if not all the seven of them. Which have been and will continue to be not a part of the solution.
Speaking of littering the many people who see nothing wrong with dropping trash on the ground where in arms throw there is a refuse container.
Wouldn’t it be grand for just one person to care enough for the environment and have others to follow. Not everything has to be political.

” A Controversy”

September 14, 2015

What better way to try to solve something than go right to the point of it! Yesterday I blogged at an ungodly time sinuses were a bother and that’s nothing new at this time of year. Had a blog that was very intricate though perhaps at that time I made it so! You might say I was the culprit. Tried to connect with a social media several times at it was a no go. So after I finish this one maybe it will go absolutely no promises.
This controversy is two words that bring havoc all the time. It shouldn’t be that way yet it is. And whatsmore the media makes it worse. Speaking of Church and State. When a recent person refused to do her job she through religion into the mix. Got attention. The media should stop making stupid people famous. That slogan isn’t original. Got that from a quote from Janis Ian who posted it on this social media. Every state in this country has local stations these aren’t cable. Late at night or very early in the morning when people are sleeping there are at least seven stations that broadcast religion. Only to get money that is very wrong! When someone who needs food people are advised to go to churches and get it then the churches tell their reasons and the whys and wherefores of life. Now let’s up something straight. These churches are there and exist because of the people and the churches go out to help people yet sometimes they go about it the wrong way. When a person is in need of vital needs it is up to that organization to help them without a motive. So let me cease for now. Got my thoughts across and that’s what matters!

” La Dolce Vita: One Day”

September 13, 2015

A third time better again be a charm! Viewed a movie recently ” Far From The Madding Crowd” Wonderful in every way. Then was fortunate to see another great mesmerizing movie “Bloodline” Have to say at this point my sinuses are acting up a little again so better hurry! Keep in contact grateful for David’s side of the family! Am in contact with all of them: happily Ian and Andre’s Dad’s Mom is now 90 plus and viewed several photos of her and her daughter Barbara. Noticed Ian has gotten a visa for December to go to Pyongyang the capital of North Korea. Don’t know whether family will go however think they will. While on the Guardian saw some fabulous photos of architectural tour through the ages. Wanted to give blood and googled it and you had to weigh no more or no lessthan 110 pounds. Reason being donors who weigh less than 110 pounds may not tolerate the removal of required volume of blood as those who weighed more than 110 pounds. That is logical. Years ago I wanted to do that however never knew the reason for it. It is more reasonable. One question has always baffled me. When you asked someone about something you not wanting yet you are needing it. Some persons state some very personal statements. A relative just had the gall to do this! These people are complacent and apathetic. At a point these persons could be both. It is very aggravating annoying to say the least! So believe me I drafted this many times and actually condensed it!