” La Dolce Vita: One Day”

A third time better again be a charm! Viewed a movie recently ” Far From The Madding Crowd” Wonderful in every way. Then was fortunate to see another great mesmerizing movie “Bloodline” Have to say at this point my sinuses are acting up a little again so better hurry! Keep in contact grateful for David’s side of the family! Am in contact with all of them: happily Ian and Andre’s Dad’s Mom is now 90 plus and viewed several photos of her and her daughter Barbara. Noticed Ian has gotten a visa for December to go to Pyongyang the capital of North Korea. Don’t know whether family will go however think they will. While on the Guardian saw some fabulous photos of architectural tour through the ages. Wanted to give blood and googled it and you had to weigh no more or no lessthan 110 pounds. Reason being donors who weigh less than 110 pounds may not tolerate the removal of required volume of blood as those who weighed more than 110 pounds. That is logical. Years ago I wanted to do that however never knew the reason for it. It is more reasonable. One question has always baffled me. When you asked someone about something you not wanting yet you are needing it. Some persons state some very personal statements. A relative just had the gall to do this! These people are complacent and apathetic. At a point these persons could be both. It is very aggravating annoying to say the least! So believe me I drafted this many times and actually condensed it!