” A Controversy”

What better way to try to solve something than go right to the point of it! Yesterday I blogged at an ungodly time sinuses were a bother and that’s nothing new at this time of year. Had a blog that was very intricate though perhaps at that time I made it so! You might say I was the culprit. Tried to connect with a social media several times at it was a no go. So after I finish this one maybe it will go absolutely no promises.
This controversy is two words that bring havoc all the time. It shouldn’t be that way yet it is. And whatsmore the media makes it worse. Speaking of Church and State. When a recent person refused to do her job she through religion into the mix. Got attention. The media should stop making stupid people famous. That slogan isn’t original. Got that from a quote from Janis Ian who posted it on this social media. Every state in this country has local stations these aren’t cable. Late at night or very early in the morning when people are sleeping there are at least seven stations that broadcast religion. Only to get money that is very wrong! When someone who needs food people are advised to go to churches and get it then the churches tell their reasons and the whys and wherefores of life. Now let’s up something straight. These churches are there and exist because of the people and the churches go out to help people yet sometimes they go about it the wrong way. When a person is in need of vital needs it is up to that organization to help them without a motive. So let me cease for now. Got my thoughts across and that’s what matters!


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