” The Lobbies”

Soon enough as a matter of a few hours it will be the autumn equinox where both day and night are of equal value. The start of the season of autumn is a welcome change and I for one are welcoming this with open arms. Hopefully the sinuses won’t be as bad just tolerable. The lobbies are brought about with sometime vengeance, the big money operators in order for bills to be passes of vetoed are a crying shame. Welcome to American politics which as the true expression makes strange bedfellows.
Let’s focus on two lobbies in particular the beer lobby and the tobacco lobby. The first being in the state of Wisconsin and the second being the state of North Carolina. This tobacco state is bold enough to have major cities named after a type of cigarettes. Winston Salem and Raleigh! Everyone is aware of the lawsuits brought against these companies for misrepresenting products. Needless to say the ailments caused by these however the choices of humans are on their own shoulders.
Now for the second culprit which if were used properly wouldn’t be near to a huge problem. Those who are familiar with Americas Dairy Land has the worse record in the field of driving under the influence, while its become sad only to say a joke as to the ultimate number of offenses. It continues to rise in large part of the beer lobby. Climate change is man made. The pollution from electric plants, people smoking cigars, cigarettes as the smoke is circling the sky, the clouds, the atmosphere, the stratosphere is horrific.
Let’s not question the oceans which are littered with refuse in the five of seven oceans if not all the seven of them. Which have been and will continue to be not a part of the solution.
Speaking of littering the many people who see nothing wrong with dropping trash on the ground where in arms throw there is a refuse container.
Wouldn’t it be grand for just one person to care enough for the environment and have others to follow. Not everything has to be political.


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