” Wonderment”

Aside from favorite movies which are too numerous to mention leaves a sense of mere enjoyment. Then there is the harmony of music which everyone is aware of certain genres. A friend indeed are books. A discovery of wonderment that you can hold in your hands and just open and close at your will yet is always there. Unfortunately there are people who haven’t had the opportunity to read anything. Some have never been taught, and that is spread through generations. It is their private secret. Others because of economic status haven’t been able to afford books even if they had the desire to read. Still others because of war haven’t had this rare choice.
My list of books are a myriad of favorites. Now my choice is National Geographic magazines and readers digest. Love wrapping my thoughts around news articles. Particularly news for the independent, the guardian, the voice of Russia which are new discoveries of knowledge. Getting different points of view. Occasionally the news from the three network sites along with fox and cnn are becoming redundant and giving the US points of view seem not whole enough so my son Andre has introduced me to another way of knowledge a better way.
Speaking of Andre. He is nearly finished editing ” Paradise Epilogue’ which deals which the subject of Heaven. It is the sequel to the e- book on Amazon. The publisher can have the book in print. Was looking on google today about that very thing. There is a screenplay ” Squatters” which Andre wants to make it into a novel. That I’ve read and think is sensational.
My enjoyment of expressing private thoughts in these many blogs are endless. I’ve made a couple of errors though still hope that people will get pleasure out of reading them, as I have creating them.


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