” Rhetoric”

It is now eight minutes past one in the morning a brand new day is on the horizon. There is rhetoric from all of the populous when tragedy occurs when it being on a local, national or scale. People become frustrated with situations that for some reason are uncontrollable yet if people used logic it could become controlled. If incidents are redundant then individuals ossify at the events happening. There are ways of being part of a solution instead of being part of a continuing problem.
Let’s take for instance, homelessness, Guns, drinking while driving. These are all hot button issues. These can or will not be solved overnight. It takes logic. It takes caring not necessarily highly educated people. These subjects are very complicated, takes tenacity.
Of all the Presidents who in recent years who have been elected can’t solve the problem of guns in this country. The lobby the NRA are powerful. This organization gives tons of money to the political campaigns every four years. Also gives money for state campaigns. The NRA should works with Congress both the Senate and the House to pass a comprehensive bill that will be agreeable to all concerned, including not taking their right to bear arms which is the 2ND Amendment. I am surely confident that the NRA are highly intelligent well serving upstanding individuals that have the protection of the country at heart. Surely this body could come to a compromise in reference to this.
Now to the homelessness issue. Everyday Americans who could more than likely be in that situation. So it involves mental issues too for a great many persons who are homeless. There should be many more places in caring for the mentally ill. That has to do with the medical facilities which are hardly available which is very sad.
Now for drunk driving which is tragically sad and happened more and more all the time. In some state there is a beer lobby which funds the states which contribute to this and again on a state by state issue which involves the whole country there could be a compromise.
Now for a medical issue, persons who are living with physical illness should have medicines available to them without added inconveniences. It shouldn’t be harder for people to obtain and making life more difficult where it is quite difficult in the beginning. People should take into consideration their plight. Afterall everyone has a plight from their own beginning. Persons could have compassion for others. Not to have symphony yet have empathy for others. Have understanding worse yet to feel sorry for others. If a person dislikes something or someone it is their choice. However before they come to that conclusion, it is an good idea to understand then it is their right to act in a thoughtful matter. Show respect for others. Respect is earned and having earned that it is rightfully theirs and then persons deserve it. As a slogan goes, a person gets what they deserve!


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