” Alone Again Naturally”

Alone Again Naturally is a well known melodic tune with in depth lyrics by Gilbert O’Sullivan. Thought this was appropriate to my feelings momentarily. Viewed recently a fantastic beautiful in everyway imaginable a movie called “Age of Adeline” written with worthy wonderful meaningful measure, great acting also. Spending timeless moments with my great close friend which is sensational. Having tremendous lifelong friends makes everything worthwhile. That is truly the secret of happiness especially at anytime of existence at whichever age. Persons who can be in your corner is exceptional. Are able to give advice when needed and just be there for moral support is a godsend. Hopefully or could be said is a third a charm. Don’t want to say anything now in hopes that it all will turn out well. Always providing there is a Murphy’s Law! When planning anything, just be aware of that. Moving to Atlanta soon. Went to Doctor Shapiro just about a week ago and said I needed another doctor. He said that he went to Emory University and that made me feel good. So that is well taken with utmost care. Then went to the management and she is going to let me out of the lease of course it stands to reason, I pay November then December and she will let me out in January. Lots of items I have to deal with, though these two were most important. I can deal with pressure if things are planned out in advance.
Still wondering where my son Sweet Andre will go. He has a publisher in Rochester, N.Y. as yet it isn’t a concrete decision. Hoping he will be alright and I trust he will be, yet have mentioned it in passing yet don’t want to put anymore pressure on him as he has enough at the moment. Is still working an overnight shift at a restaurant nearby. Still taking medicine and he’s feeling ok sometimes fine so that is great. Knows when the time is up so that’s all that matters. Trying to stay calm myself have to do a zillion things but the time is right and sometimes it is called the waiting game.
Really looking forward to this experience for adventure however all my ducks have to be in a row to quote a great wonderful Doctor Michael B. Shapiro, actually that is a well known expression.


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