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” An Update”

January 25, 2016

Imagine this. Just a single day and I am compelled to blog again. Wonders will never cease. Playing devils advocate have to defend myself in what would be my own murphy’s law. Simply to make a long story short though in my case it would be impossible. The previous blogs mentioned a luggage mishap or a near mishap. My stating that numerous times was the fact that the contents were vital to me.
Now waiting for some new checks so I can script a last bill to the unmentionable phone company. The bank mentioned it would take seven to ten business days which is reasonable. Yet anticipating for it and accomplishing this seems like forever in a day or a fortnight which is two weeks if anyone is interested in that bit of information. The answer is relax yeah right that will happen.

” Murphy’s Law”

January 24, 2016

First off it is my dearest cousin’s birthday today. Tim is no longer on this earth yet in the heavens above forever shining inspiration on those closest to him. Everyone knows the well known expression of murphy’s law. One can be the ultimate planner and yet this happens to all regardless. I am no exception. Called the phone company before I moved naturally and then got a bill from them stating that I owed far more than originally. The company assumed that I was using their phone to make matters worse. I was livid to put it mildly. This company will get nothing more than the original statement, furthermore their book keeping is nil and the agents are not communicating between themselves either.
Took a bus from Madison to Milwaukee and then to the airport. Checked two bags paying for the larger piece then proceeded to board the airline to Charlotte. When the plane was taxing the airline attendant came to me and said ” Your second piece of luggage was going to Philadelphia then on to Atlanta. My response wasn’t a “so” and I tried my utmost to remain calm. Then when I came to Charlotte I questioned what the lady stated! Then there was a bit of confusion regarding some red tag bags that didn’t concern me. Boarded the plane to Atlanta then went to the baggage claim and saw my larger piece, tried to grab it yet it was spinning around and a lady got it for me or at least slowed it down so I could grab it. Then I went to the American Airline office and filled out a lost claim explaining the situation. She said that the last plane was coming in from Philadelphia at midnight. The time now was 9:15 on scheduled. So I waited and thought to myself. Called Shon then James and the time was ticking. Really didn’t mind in the least. Fast forwarded it was midnight. Recognized and saw the piece of luggage and was elated. After all that contained my personal items and my computer. In closing let me say that the Hayes family: Shon, James, Jamie, Jordan, Jenesis were and are very kind nice welcoming me to their home. I felt feel welcome here in Atlanta!

” Resolute”

January 14, 2016

Usually this title refers to a person which per se it does! There’s a new word which means in or of itself! Learned that this week and surprisingly recalling the word then naturally you will misspelled it regardless of how well your spelling is. Dialect has something to do with this, am cognizant of it! First word is French! Everyone including myself have to realize that if you mispronounce this.
There is a hurricane brewing in the Atlantic which at this point in time is far away and it is on the island called a name that begins with A and it has a couple of ZZ in it! Speaking of spelling can pronounce the word but unsure of the spelling. The Hurricane is Alex! It is unprecedented in January.
The most resolute persons on the face of the earth are many to far to mention however lets focus on a group of prisoners that have been unlawfully imprisoned for a number of years. These people have had not a trial of anything that resembles a sense of justice, in fact you might call is an injustice. Now let me state from the onset that I am speaking as a novice. My knowledge comes only from reading the news of all types, national international pertaining to this subject. Ok good I’m back!
Years ago during the Bush administration the country was scared out of their wits. So it was instructed to round up anyone and everyone who resembled anyone who differs from themselves and that is exactly what occurred with not a question asked. These human being were placed on boards with their hands and feet attached and placed confined in cages with the same articles of clothing: they were with yellow clothing which meant they had privileges providing they told the guards what they wanted to hear; otherwise they were dressed the same in orange jumpsuits. The people were from various parts of the world. Might add in the Bush administration they were rounded up like cattle.
Now the Obama administration wants to close this prison! Finally after fourteen years. Hopefully this will happened before the President leaves office.
There is a great documentary pertaining to the handling of these human beings by Sabastian Junger! Which in fact I got part of the knowledge and another fine documentary was by Peter Jennings that served me well for the other part of this knowledge.

” Just At The Start”

January 7, 2016

At this untimely hour of a brand new day and the seventh no less will bring luck of the Irish. Mounds of thoughts are rolling and condensing in the mind of myself so thought it would be perfect to script it down. First of all it would be great to have a cup of coffee in the morning! Shon has coffee so this is the first item, my coffee maker that you so generously gave to me.
Second of all my towels, the two light pink ones and the large towel that Ian and Michele gave to me for a Christmas. You may have the large deep rose colored towel to wrap around you with love.
Third of all my cups especially the soup cup and the cups that you had given to me. Then my silverware, and the item I open tight bottles, or jars continuing in that realm.
Forth of all anything light just like my hats sports ones and some coat hangers. Let’s if you want share them.
Fifth of all my green warm blanket and rose colored comforter the Ian and Michele gave to me.
You could gently wrap my Royal Secret perfume inside the blanket.
Sixth of all my wooden leaf so I can place it on my dresser so it will be more organized.
Seventh of all my the dish towels so I can put one on my dresser to make it look better.
Want to mention at this point the hospitality that has been shown to me by the Hayes family. Many thanks.

” Coming Up The Hill”

January 4, 2016

Welcome to another state 800 miles from my previous state! Yes that is correct! The voyage here was unforgettable
and simply tiring yet good for all concerned. It is very scenic and has many hills also! Took a Badger bus to Milwaukee then took a flight to Charlotte then on to Atlanta which was the destination and another 13 miles to Stone Mountain. Had one of my luggage diverted to Philadelphia then believe this the last flight was midnight and there it was. Yelled to someone to get it and told the American attendant that it was found after filling out a lost baggage claim. Then I was gratified for it has personal items inside and my computer, and speaking of my computer now have wifi and left part of my adapter that plugs to the wall and now a have another one which is a godsend.
Decided at the last moment not to have my bed and tost the bed frame and the head board. There was someone across the hall and he needed a bed and the mattress box springs and the microwave. Had that for 10 years yet still in good shape and usable.
Must mention in this scenario my dearest and best friend in this world. All things are possible with a wonderful caring kind friend most definitely sweet person! Unforgettable that’s what you are! Unforgettable both near or far. He may finish that song. He has a natural knack for songs.