” Coming Up The Hill”

Welcome to another state 800 miles from my previous state! Yes that is correct! The voyage here was unforgettable
and simply tiring yet good for all concerned. It is very scenic and has many hills also! Took a Badger bus to Milwaukee then took a flight to Charlotte then on to Atlanta which was the destination and another 13 miles to Stone Mountain. Had one of my luggage diverted to Philadelphia then believe this the last flight was midnight and there it was. Yelled to someone to get it and told the American attendant that it was found after filling out a lost baggage claim. Then I was gratified for it has personal items inside and my computer, and speaking of my computer now have wifi and left part of my adapter that plugs to the wall and now a have another one which is a godsend.
Decided at the last moment not to have my bed and tost the bed frame and the head board. There was someone across the hall and he needed a bed and the mattress box springs and the microwave. Had that for 10 years yet still in good shape and usable.
Must mention in this scenario my dearest and best friend in this world. All things are possible with a wonderful caring kind friend most definitely sweet person! Unforgettable that’s what you are! Unforgettable both near or far. He may finish that song. He has a natural knack for songs.


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