” Just At The Start”

At this untimely hour of a brand new day and the seventh no less will bring luck of the Irish. Mounds of thoughts are rolling and condensing in the mind of myself so thought it would be perfect to script it down. First of all it would be great to have a cup of coffee in the morning! Shon has coffee so this is the first item, my coffee maker that you so generously gave to me.
Second of all my towels, the two light pink ones and the large towel that Ian and Michele gave to me for a Christmas. You may have the large deep rose colored towel to wrap around you with love.
Third of all my cups especially the soup cup and the cups that you had given to me. Then my silverware, and the item I open tight bottles, or jars continuing in that realm.
Forth of all anything light just like my hats sports ones and some coat hangers. Let’s if you want share them.
Fifth of all my green warm blanket and rose colored comforter the Ian and Michele gave to me.
You could gently wrap my Royal Secret perfume inside the blanket.
Sixth of all my wooden leaf so I can place it on my dresser so it will be more organized.
Seventh of all my the dish towels so I can put one on my dresser to make it look better.
Want to mention at this point the hospitality that has been shown to me by the Hayes family. Many thanks.


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