” Note Worthy”

When a young child discovers that words are formed to create ideas it opens a myriad of possibilities to them. This is joy of reading.
Speaking of reading, my niece Liz and nephew David and family sent me a welcoming gift ( one of three gifts) to me. Thanks so much to them, so kind!
Speaking of ideas, France has banned the spoilage of food in restaurants throwing any away using a special technique to feed those who are hungry.
A great slogan” The Less You Have The More You Value It.” up
Schism within Christianity the Pope visits Mexico on his way to Cuba. His stop is historic, with the Anglican archbishop.
My dearest wonderful cousin Mike has Alzhiemers so I have been playing a game with myself listing all the movies that Alynn and I have enjoyed in the past 4 years and have them on a social media site.
Speaking of politics Donald Trump was endorsed by the KKK! Noticed that on the Guardian news source. My reaction is what Stephen Colbert stated ” Dump Trump” Enough Said!
The slums in parts of England and Ireland in 1968 through 1970 were horrendous! The gates in Northern Ireland are scheduled to open in 2023 and this is in Belfast! Americans complain about how hard life is and they never consider other feelings ever, namely the refugees whom have traveled long distances by attempting to get away from their plight only to have life throw them a curve and have them die in the waters of the Med. sea after being crammed in boats that are far to small to handle just to have them unjustly capsize at a moments notice, and how cruel is this! Really Americans should count their lucky stars and be gratefully blessed.
Lastly an update on the unsung hero Martin McGartland who published a famous book relaying his ordeal and surviving. A movie was reacting his plight. He bravely went back to Belfast for a brief stay showed him coming and going and being watched and guarded continuously. Had to leave a number of times after just a very short stay. How brave is that!


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