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” Many More Sights And Sounds”

March 29, 2016

Here I am again doing what I like doing which is an outlet for expression. Then guess what just happened was halfway though this and lost it. Not unusually common for me. Sometimes it is a knack which is indigenous to only me. So now have to recall it and test my memory. So should be a challenge and successful and let’s call this fun, for lack of a better word.
There are many more sights and sounds here. Besides the two trees adjacent to my house which had bright white leaves on them and I thought and uttered photo time and it was taken on my phone. Just to mentioned those trees are now green. Then today noticed a bush which was very colorful cheerful with white and bright dark pink leaves and so you guessed. My neighbor friend and her daughter were with me and so she and I stood in front and her young daughter took the picture on the mom’s phone and then I stood in front and my neighbor friend took a photo of myself. Now the trick is to transfer them to my phone. That will be a feat. Moreover now its going to be fun knowing how is send them to close friends.
Was in the Family Dollar store to purchase some items and came across something unique. It is toothbrushes that have rubber sides for your gums and of course brittles inside of the brush. It is to prevent gum disease. Very novel idea. All are multi colored and comes in a set of four. First time I’ve seen this.
Last Tuesday went to the all English Mass which was wonderful and enjoyed it tremendously. It was great with a variety of nationalities all in the same room gave a touch of unity and warmth.

” Worth Mentioning”

March 18, 2016

Hey back so soon from recently blogging previously. Reason being is two-fold, first being that blogged and it wasn’t picked up on a popular media site. Went back and checked if it were connected and with little trouble it was. Though still wasn’t there. Thought that so many were streaming in a huge amount of them so many a minute countless of them. It is worth mentioning, that last evening went to all Spanish Mass and then met two fascinating ladies both from P.R., this just was intriguing to me. Had a great conversation with them. Felt very comfortable. During the Mass received the Blessed Sacrament which made me feel very calm and with inner peace: this was unbelievable. A close friend told me that religion and language are one meaning they work hand in hand.
I have been texting on my mobile phone. This is a LG phone and in order to text you have to press quickly certain correct letters. It’s fun. Now I haven’t been using a mouse and using the key pad the one that is at the bottom underneath the keys. Not sure what the name of this is however the description is accurate I think. This blog is another short and sweet!

” More Sights And Sounds”

March 14, 2016

Recalling the previous blog stating the red Georgia soil had an idea and to this point it came to fruition that I put a number of branches or sticks to combine with the soil and its working. It was my own idea.
More sights and sounds came with my going to a Spanish and English Mass which was a real joy as I joined Corpus Christi Church parish this month. Going to Confession added some wonderful serenity. Intending to have that as part of my schedule on a regular basis.
Trees brighten an added health aspect to the life of human beings. There is a honeysuckle tree that is particularly pretty with white flowers on the branches. It is nicer to view it under dark stormy clouds. The contrast is amazing. Had my phone camera and had the opportunity of standing in front of the tree and a friend snapped some pictures, now I have five photos on my phone so the next step is to figure out how to send them.
While viewing the formation and numerous shapes of the clouds, am fascinated by them. Seeing the streaks of lines which a planes makes, it is one straight continuous white lines and as the line grows longer it separates and eventually disappears. The number of planes are more than usual and love to hear them as they go from Jackson- Hartsfield Airport to their various destinations. Noticed something quite extraordinary that a plane actually turns to the right when headed to the airport. The airport is in College Park.
Little things attract and amaze me. Think of it this way, those are the most precious!

“The Sights And Sounds”

March 7, 2016

The very humorous movie well known by most depicts the state of Alabama which is actually in the deep south: however parts of this movie is the state of Georgia too. The red clay which is in the back yard. Actually never have seen this up close and personal to quote a slogan yet there it is in all is glory. The first night I was here in whichever time of night it was and thereafter there is a train whistle exactly in this movie where Marisa Tomei jumps up straight up in the bed and yells to Joe Pesci ” What the **ll was that” It is very funny line as Pesci responds” There it is again and at the exact time.” Well, it is in reality, here like clockwork, a train which has a huge whistle that could wake up anyone out of a deep sleep or a dead, pardon the expression sleep. Each night right outside my window it comes loud and long.
Liking this new state so far. Recalling from which state I was in previously, walking to Woodmans buying what was needed the pushing a grocery cart back to the apartment, unloading the contents then pushing it back to the grocery store which gave me extra exercise yet wasn’t a barrel of fun. If fact my son, Andre gave me the idea. Speaking of Andre he is in Rochester, N.Y. and hear from him occasionally and everything is fine which makes my heart melt with joy for him.
Things are going well for myself. Keep all my ducks, fluttering in a row. Getting items shipped to me periodically by my dearest friend, Alynn. Speaking of that, I am so systematic that I write down each item that I need and he goes through **ll and high water to try to find it, so we had a conversation which we both concluded that Alynn will ship items to me, regardless or better yet we compromise. Sometimes it get frustrating for us both however it will all come out splendid in the end.
So on that note will come to a stopping point for now and much more at a later date.