” More Sights And Sounds”

Recalling the previous blog stating the red Georgia soil had an idea and to this point it came to fruition that I put a number of branches or sticks to combine with the soil and its working. It was my own idea.
More sights and sounds came with my going to a Spanish and English Mass which was a real joy as I joined Corpus Christi Church parish this month. Going to Confession added some wonderful serenity. Intending to have that as part of my schedule on a regular basis.
Trees brighten an added health aspect to the life of human beings. There is a honeysuckle tree that is particularly pretty with white flowers on the branches. It is nicer to view it under dark stormy clouds. The contrast is amazing. Had my phone camera and had the opportunity of standing in front of the tree and a friend snapped some pictures, now I have five photos on my phone so the next step is to figure out how to send them.
While viewing the formation and numerous shapes of the clouds, am fascinated by them. Seeing the streaks of lines which a planes makes, it is one straight continuous white lines and as the line grows longer it separates and eventually disappears. The number of planes are more than usual and love to hear them as they go from Jackson- Hartsfield Airport to their various destinations. Noticed something quite extraordinary that a plane actually turns to the right when headed to the airport. The airport is in College Park.
Little things attract and amaze me. Think of it this way, those are the most precious!


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