” Worth Mentioning”

Hey back so soon from recently blogging previously. Reason being is two-fold, first being that blogged and it wasn’t picked up on a popular media site. Went back and checked if it were connected and with little trouble it was. Though still wasn’t there. Thought that so many were streaming in a huge amount of them so many a minute countless of them. It is worth mentioning, that last evening went to all Spanish Mass and then met two fascinating ladies both from P.R., this just was intriguing to me. Had a great conversation with them. Felt very comfortable. During the Mass received the Blessed Sacrament which made me feel very calm and with inner peace: this was unbelievable. A close friend told me that religion and language are one meaning they work hand in hand.
I have been texting on my mobile phone. This is a LG phone and in order to text you have to press quickly certain correct letters. It’s fun. Now I haven’t been using a mouse and using the key pad the one that is at the bottom underneath the keys. Not sure what the name of this is however the description is accurate I think. This blog is another short and sweet!


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