” Many More Sights And Sounds”

Here I am again doing what I like doing which is an outlet for expression. Then guess what just happened was halfway though this and lost it. Not unusually common for me. Sometimes it is a knack which is indigenous to only me. So now have to recall it and test my memory. So should be a challenge and successful and let’s call this fun, for lack of a better word.
There are many more sights and sounds here. Besides the two trees adjacent to my house which had bright white leaves on them and I thought and uttered photo time and it was taken on my phone. Just to mentioned those trees are now green. Then today noticed a bush which was very colorful cheerful with white and bright dark pink leaves and so you guessed. My neighbor friend and her daughter were with me and so she and I stood in front and her young daughter took the picture on the mom’s phone and then I stood in front and my neighbor friend took a photo of myself. Now the trick is to transfer them to my phone. That will be a feat. Moreover now its going to be fun knowing how is send them to close friends.
Was in the Family Dollar store to purchase some items and came across something unique. It is toothbrushes that have rubber sides for your gums and of course brittles inside of the brush. It is to prevent gum disease. Very novel idea. All are multi colored and comes in a set of four. First time I’ve seen this.
Last Tuesday went to the all English Mass which was wonderful and enjoyed it tremendously. It was great with a variety of nationalities all in the same room gave a touch of unity and warmth.


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