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” An Update And A Discovery”

April 30, 2016

A much more magical numeral seven starts this blog with the end of the week and the last day of the month. An update and a discovery is in store as yesterday with determination to the appearance of the outside of the house to have it presentable to visitors and to myself began working on the shrubberies by hand. Then keeping in mind finishing the task asked another neighbors/ friend’s niece, Tracy if Yvonne would have some tools. After starting the task by hand thought it would be advantageous. Sure enough Yvonne came out and supplied an electric saw, hand clippers, and some hand straight clippers. So both of us, proceeded to accomplish a four hour task which was enjoyable and actually didn’t seem that long.
While doing this came across and empty large bird’s nest and immediately thought of my dearest younger son, Andre as he is intrigued by the sight of nature. Recalling the words he uttered about a very tiny bird’s nest which he watched for over a week as he would be coming home after the overnight’s shift. He said,” Mom, birds are very secretive and hide their nest far away from the public and noise.” So sure enough this is where we both found this nest. Wouldn’t think there would be nestled hidden here. Yes, Andre you are very intuitive.
As I was picking up the branches, sticks and other items taking them to the curb there were yes, of course more pine cones, not an endless variety yet they were certainly noticeable. So Yvonne answered an unquestionable thought.

” A Tempest In A Teapot”

April 27, 2016

Now this is the magic number of six for this month surprisingly ending in a note of calmness. A tempest in a teapot derives from the British or Old English- Scottish which again had to view the meaning of the expression. It is mainly used in articles from the news events. Sometimes it is taken out of context saying that women taking a small situation and have exaggerated proportions. This of course is depending whose speaking and listening also. Let’s play the devil’s advocate. It is well known women have the natural ability to overreact to a small situation. However let’s place this to be taken on individualistically not generally as reported in the news media.
My idea is doing things thoroughly and never doing anything halfway and that comes to everything including this. Have to have it with clarity so others may get the true meaning and not play guessing games. Doing some yard work gets time running smoothly and so that’s what I have been doing: although far from finished as my friend/neighbor, Dee enjoys the outdoors and also doing things to brighten the day as well as the yard. So I thought it would be good to pick up pines cones and the more I did the more were there seemed endlessly. And it rained in the process which was normal as it is springtime. Shon had some leaf heavy secure bags which is mainly used for branches, and items such as these. So I began to fill two large bags with these cones and before it rained thought it would be an excellent idea to put the bags in a dry place so it would be easier to transport. Yet Shon thought better of it and so it rained and rained more and rained heavily. So I collected the cones again and repeatedly as both bags split from the bottom. Then I put the stuff to the front, then finally the sanitation people began to take the items as they did they dropped the cones on the street and left them. So I took a broom and a small dust pan and scooped them up put them in three white bags. Then the other recycled people came, as I was doing this and finally it was done to that point.
Went to Mass yesterday and was late however was there for the three principle parts of the Mass. Felt good about it. Though must keep in mind to go to Confession soon.

” A Propensity”

April 22, 2016

The change of weather here is just amazing actually it rains a lot which I like now that it is springtime. It actually rains more than any other place I’ve lived thus far. A propensity is a natural tendency of doing something, and I had to find the meaning of it as I knew it however was unsure of the spelling. There is the American way and the British way of pronouncing this word yet it is spelled differently in Britain. I have always like using this word and have used it more than once over the many years. All this time that the word was in my vocabulary wasn’t really unsure of the reason of natural tendency however it just came to me out of the blue. After living in the Midwest for a great deal of time and living the south for ten years and back in the south; I noticed a lot of extended family around the immediate family. With me never had the this ultimate distinction which I would have really wanted. Seeing Grandfathers and Grandmothers with their grandchildren is a wonder to behold. I, myself haven’t had that as a child growing up, or for that matter very few relatives which was again lacking in my childhood. So these Grandfathers and Grandmothers see these grandchildren on a weekly or maybe on a monthly basis. These just seems to go with the flow and it is a natural tendency.
Now that is the reason for the propensity. Now on the social media site there are many friends, relatives and friends of friends who shares photos. I just love photos which are a real connection to the certain person who can be far in distance but very close to your and in some cases my heart. So I have shared photos of many. Some cases children and Moms or someone closer as a son has put a stop to this. Now let me say I have to think if I had a young child or a young grandchild would I share these photos. Yes I would to those who I actually know. However if one of my many friends had a photo of my young child, I would say no. Simply because a caring Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather have to be wise enough to know where the photo is going. So if in the future some of my friends have photos of their children and I will be certain to share it only with me and not my friends or just only one or two not all of them. Must remember as my exuberance grows my propensity has to take hold and slow it down a bit. This is a computer a social media site and responsible parents have to take hold and think because you never know where these photos will go. That is certain! An afterthought! My friend and I would talk and he would say” I have to babysit my grandchildren this weekend” I would think to myself” Wish I had that opportunity” Then I would think further that my four grandchildren are far away and they are and will be safe” That is my satisfaction!

” All My Ducks In A Row”

April 15, 2016

Keeping focus and having a good frame of mind is the key. Occasionally it’s difficult to do especially when there is such negativity around you; so you learn to block that out and practice fortitude. Weather wise it is sunny and cool. Might add just concentrate on people who have a positive attitudes instead of the opposite. It has to be addictive too.
Ever since I’ve come here my main concern was to obtain another eye doctor as my last appointment was with Dr. Shapiro in Madison, Wisconsin in the month of November. It was suggested that I would make an appointment in May and schedule it for the 10th at 3 in the afternoon which I promptly did. Then after coming to Atlanta which has been 4 months now: I was just racing against time in order to make another appointment with a doctor whom and where was the ultimate question. Phoned Dr. Shapiro’s office on several occasions and actually phoned when I knew the office was closed as time was racing nearer to May. My friend/neighbor had an appointment in Midtown Atlanta on Peachtree St. and noticed Dr. Michael B. Shapiro’s name so naturally I questioned that and Dee said” That she saw his name with the Ga. Eye Partners. That was understandable being that I knew Dr. Shapiro has gone to school here as part of his wider education. This prompted me to go online to the Ga. Eye Partners on Peachtree St. Noticed the various names listed and noticed there was a doctor who had similar places attuned to Dr. Shapiro and figured that Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Eugene Gabianelli knew one another in an educational sense. Figured they went to the same school which in fact that occurred at some point in their lives. So I thought that Dr. Shapiro would recommend this particular doctor. Then finally got an email from Briana who was office manager at his office saying that Dr. Shapiro would be in the office on Wednesday. So I thought making progress just waiting two more days. Then out of the blue on Tuesday received a call from Dr. Shapiro’s office. Immediately answered and Veronica said” Dr. Shapiro has left me a note to call you; he recommends Dr. Frances( Dixie) McMullan, her office is in Tucker, Ga.” Gave me the address, the phone number. Asked Veronica whether this Dr. accepts medicare patients? She said that I would have to see when I called for an appointment tomorrow. The very next day I phoned which was a Wednesday and made an appointment. Told Amy that I was a new patient recommended by Dr. Shapiro. Amy said Dixie is only in the office on Wednesdays that she is at the Buckhead office the other times or travels. I said that was perfect. The doctor was having hip surgery in a few weeks and would be out of the office. I said ” I have to make it in May. Now after all this I have an appointment in the month of May which is on the 18th at 3 in the afternoon” It will be on Ian and Michelle’s wedding anniversary which they will be 20 years married. It will also be 3 days after my birthday.
My son Andre phoned recently and he likes Rochester, N.Y. and everything is going well for him. As a mother can’t ask for anything better.
I am getting more things from my dearest friend Alynn. In that respect things are on the upswing. Life is good when I center myself on around certain individuals and mainly think of them before thinking of myself!

” A Special Place”

April 12, 2016

A correction first off, the calculation was wrong in the number of blogs that were done thus far. As the song goes” what a difference a day and in this case a word makes: twenty-four little hours” On the bright side, Mother Teresa will become a saint in September. She will be canonized by Pope Francis. I believe the actual date is in the middle or maybe the third week of September. That will be tremendous as she is well liked by everyone regardless of who they are. Pope Francis has really shaken things up in the most positive way and will continue to make a real difference in everyday life. Time is really racing by it is nearly the middle of the month already.
Now on the dark side, there is a special place designated for human beings who abuse others which being other humans or animals, which are really deemed to be innocent. People who take part in cock fighting simply only out of enjoyment: people who take part in any form of abuse which take on my forms, such as human trafficking regardless where it takes place and sadly it may be here in this country which is unspeakable. People who take part in any form of bullying and sadly enough and it is a result of countless suicides. Any government official whomever the ranking and money is passed to hush up, intimidate, bribe others to keep quiet. Anyone who is in an authoritative position and just watches what is occurring without doing something to cease it, these are as guilty as the ones who are performing the actions. Look at the countless suicides which have taken its told in society which for that matter is ignored and forgotten by the general public. Sadly enough those who are suppose to be held accountable are the very ones who are committing these abuses. It doesn’t matter which race, faith, ethnicity abuse is abuse pure and simple. Look at the sense of the elderly who are most likely to be targeted by scamming. Sometimes these are on a physical yet could be emotional, or worse yet dealing with the mind. There are countless incidents that take place everyday and the general public for some unknown reason refuses to do anything. Meaning if you view something that isn’t quite proper you should voice a reaction. This happens between races or families. Such as if you see a child run out into the street and you say something only to aid the child, you are immediately told in no uncertain terms to mind your own business as it’s not your child or your concern. So that’s one reason why people don’t do anything just because of the negative reactions of others who are at fault. It shouldn’t be that way but sadly it is. The answer is just try to continue to do what your heart tells you and things will be alright in the end.

” Beyond The Beyond”

April 9, 2016

Let’s just say from the offset this is the start of my 600th blog. Each and everyone of them are most welcoming in my own mind and furthermore they are very special to me. Actually can’t or won’t choose which one is favored overall because all are pure and simple
This title is an expression from one of my favorite writers, Frank McCourt. It may be derived when some subject has an unexplained reason. Some subjects are indeed that.
When it comes to anything governmental the population has a skeptical eye and rightfully justified for the untrustworthiness of anything that has to do with government. It shouldn’t be but unfortunately that is true. Any organization such as the V.A. or the E.P.A. The second set of initials has to do with the regulation of drinking water which is vital to the health of each person. Couldn’t do without it for this is one of the essentials of life. In a popular city in Michigan the drinking water was and is put in jeopardy as it was put under the microscope by the mayor and the head of the Environmental Protection Agency those words should speak of themselves and yet this agency because of a few a handful of very greedy high ranking people put this agency under skeptical review. The head of the E.P.A. is a downright liar just for the greed of what she did. She covered up intimidated her associates, did some bribery tactics all for money. The mayor did the same act and worse. He was a trusted official elected and served for the people. He lied was acquiescent which was a terrible injustice to the people of this city. How many rivers in the U.S. have come under scrutiny mainly because of the pollution? Worse yet this drinking water was being tested and people were being told that it was safe when in fact it was not. Many children contracted lead poisoning in fact the total were countless children were poisoned in fact many died. This is a tragedy beyond the beyond and it was very needless, if only one person came to this city’s rescue and indeed he did and served as a shining example of courage, went to D.C. told the committee went in front of Congress and gave sworn testimony as to what actually transpired over several years. This individual is deemed a hero to many of us.

” Keep Learning And Observing”

April 2, 2016

A likely time to express my thoughts. Clear beautiful blue sky today after storms. Really enjoyed the storm moving clouds. Could view it for hours because it is ever changing. Just keep learning and observing at whatever age keeps the mind open to new exciting ideas. Wonderful to keep on top of world events and things that are in vogue.
Dustin Hoffman did a recent article interview which was published in the Guardian a British online news source. His answers were intriguing and actually answered some life long questions. Without quoting him exactly let’s give the essence. He mentioned Hollywood and how the talent agents looked for the White Anglo Saxon Protestant for their magazines, movies. He mentioned that there will always be racism or bigotry of some sort mainly for the fact that people can’t feel that they have any hero qualities unless there’s some beneath them. For a very length of time I simply wondered that question and it plagued me for the answer of why!
Saw a beautiful natural butterfly which was on the flower shrub just grabbing some nectar. It was phenomenal just to gaze at it and thought to myself Picture time however was in a conversation on the phone at the time. This picture is indelible in the mind’s eye. Speaking of photos got some great pictures on my phone then with a aid of my friend transferred them to a social media site along with four other photos that were taken of me and my neighbor and friend’s daughter and herself and myself as well. Love posting special personal pictures. It just gives me a good feeling.