” Keep Learning And Observing”

A likely time to express my thoughts. Clear beautiful blue sky today after storms. Really enjoyed the storm moving clouds. Could view it for hours because it is ever changing. Just keep learning and observing at whatever age keeps the mind open to new exciting ideas. Wonderful to keep on top of world events and things that are in vogue.
Dustin Hoffman did a recent article interview which was published in the Guardian a British online news source. His answers were intriguing and actually answered some life long questions. Without quoting him exactly let’s give the essence. He mentioned Hollywood and how the talent agents looked for the White Anglo Saxon Protestant for their magazines, movies. He mentioned that there will always be racism or bigotry of some sort mainly for the fact that people can’t feel that they have any hero qualities unless there’s some beneath them. For a very length of time I simply wondered that question and it plagued me for the answer of why!
Saw a beautiful natural butterfly which was on the flower shrub just grabbing some nectar. It was phenomenal just to gaze at it and thought to myself Picture time however was in a conversation on the phone at the time. This picture is indelible in the mind’s eye. Speaking of photos got some great pictures on my phone then with a aid of my friend transferred them to a social media site along with four other photos that were taken of me and my neighbor and friend’s daughter and herself and myself as well. Love posting special personal pictures. It just gives me a good feeling.


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