” Beyond The Beyond”

Let’s just say from the offset this is the start of my 600th blog. Each and everyone of them are most welcoming in my own mind and furthermore they are very special to me. Actually can’t or won’t choose which one is favored overall because all are pure and simple
This title is an expression from one of my favorite writers, Frank McCourt. It may be derived when some subject has an unexplained reason. Some subjects are indeed that.
When it comes to anything governmental the population has a skeptical eye and rightfully justified for the untrustworthiness of anything that has to do with government. It shouldn’t be but unfortunately that is true. Any organization such as the V.A. or the E.P.A. The second set of initials has to do with the regulation of drinking water which is vital to the health of each person. Couldn’t do without it for this is one of the essentials of life. In a popular city in Michigan the drinking water was and is put in jeopardy as it was put under the microscope by the mayor and the head of the Environmental Protection Agency those words should speak of themselves and yet this agency because of a few a handful of very greedy high ranking people put this agency under skeptical review. The head of the E.P.A. is a downright liar just for the greed of what she did. She covered up intimidated her associates, did some bribery tactics all for money. The mayor did the same act and worse. He was a trusted official elected and served for the people. He lied was acquiescent which was a terrible injustice to the people of this city. How many rivers in the U.S. have come under scrutiny mainly because of the pollution? Worse yet this drinking water was being tested and people were being told that it was safe when in fact it was not. Many children contracted lead poisoning in fact the total were countless children were poisoned in fact many died. This is a tragedy beyond the beyond and it was very needless, if only one person came to this city’s rescue and indeed he did and served as a shining example of courage, went to D.C. told the committee went in front of Congress and gave sworn testimony as to what actually transpired over several years. This individual is deemed a hero to many of us.


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