” A Special Place”

A correction first off, the calculation was wrong in the number of blogs that were done thus far. As the song goes” what a difference a day and in this case a word makes: twenty-four little hours” On the bright side, Mother Teresa will become a saint in September. She will be canonized by Pope Francis. I believe the actual date is in the middle or maybe the third week of September. That will be tremendous as she is well liked by everyone regardless of who they are. Pope Francis has really shaken things up in the most positive way and will continue to make a real difference in everyday life. Time is really racing by it is nearly the middle of the month already.
Now on the dark side, there is a special place designated for human beings who abuse others which being other humans or animals, which are really deemed to be innocent. People who take part in cock fighting simply only out of enjoyment: people who take part in any form of abuse which take on my forms, such as human trafficking regardless where it takes place and sadly it may be here in this country which is unspeakable. People who take part in any form of bullying and sadly enough and it is a result of countless suicides. Any government official whomever the ranking and money is passed to hush up, intimidate, bribe others to keep quiet. Anyone who is in an authoritative position and just watches what is occurring without doing something to cease it, these are as guilty as the ones who are performing the actions. Look at the countless suicides which have taken its told in society which for that matter is ignored and forgotten by the general public. Sadly enough those who are suppose to be held accountable are the very ones who are committing these abuses. It doesn’t matter which race, faith, ethnicity abuse is abuse pure and simple. Look at the sense of the elderly who are most likely to be targeted by scamming. Sometimes these are on a physical yet could be emotional, or worse yet dealing with the mind. There are countless incidents that take place everyday and the general public for some unknown reason refuses to do anything. Meaning if you view something that isn’t quite proper you should voice a reaction. This happens between races or families. Such as if you see a child run out into the street and you say something only to aid the child, you are immediately told in no uncertain terms to mind your own business as it’s not your child or your concern. So that’s one reason why people don’t do anything just because of the negative reactions of others who are at fault. It shouldn’t be that way but sadly it is. The answer is just try to continue to do what your heart tells you and things will be alright in the end.


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