” A Propensity”

The change of weather here is just amazing actually it rains a lot which I like now that it is springtime. It actually rains more than any other place I’ve lived thus far. A propensity is a natural tendency of doing something, and I had to find the meaning of it as I knew it however was unsure of the spelling. There is the American way and the British way of pronouncing this word yet it is spelled differently in Britain. I have always like using this word and have used it more than once over the many years. All this time that the word was in my vocabulary wasn’t really unsure of the reason of natural tendency however it just came to me out of the blue. After living in the Midwest for a great deal of time and living the south for ten years and back in the south; I noticed a lot of extended family around the immediate family. With me never had the this ultimate distinction which I would have really wanted. Seeing Grandfathers and Grandmothers with their grandchildren is a wonder to behold. I, myself haven’t had that as a child growing up, or for that matter very few relatives which was again lacking in my childhood. So these Grandfathers and Grandmothers see these grandchildren on a weekly or maybe on a monthly basis. These just seems to go with the flow and it is a natural tendency.
Now that is the reason for the propensity. Now on the social media site there are many friends, relatives and friends of friends who shares photos. I just love photos which are a real connection to the certain person who can be far in distance but very close to your and in some cases my heart. So I have shared photos of many. Some cases children and Moms or someone closer as a son has put a stop to this. Now let me say I have to think if I had a young child or a young grandchild would I share these photos. Yes I would to those who I actually know. However if one of my many friends had a photo of my young child, I would say no. Simply because a caring Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather have to be wise enough to know where the photo is going. So if in the future some of my friends have photos of their children and I will be certain to share it only with me and not my friends or just only one or two not all of them. Must remember as my exuberance grows my propensity has to take hold and slow it down a bit. This is a computer a social media site and responsible parents have to take hold and think because you never know where these photos will go. That is certain! An afterthought! My friend and I would talk and he would say” I have to babysit my grandchildren this weekend” I would think to myself” Wish I had that opportunity” Then I would think further that my four grandchildren are far away and they are and will be safe” That is my satisfaction!


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