” A Tempest In A Teapot”

Now this is the magic number of six for this month surprisingly ending in a note of calmness. A tempest in a teapot derives from the British or Old English- Scottish which again had to view the meaning of the expression. It is mainly used in articles from the news events. Sometimes it is taken out of context saying that women taking a small situation and have exaggerated proportions. This of course is depending whose speaking and listening also. Let’s play the devil’s advocate. It is well known women have the natural ability to overreact to a small situation. However let’s place this to be taken on individualistically not generally as reported in the news media.
My idea is doing things thoroughly and never doing anything halfway and that comes to everything including this. Have to have it with clarity so others may get the true meaning and not play guessing games. Doing some yard work gets time running smoothly and so that’s what I have been doing: although far from finished as my friend/neighbor, Dee enjoys the outdoors and also doing things to brighten the day as well as the yard. So I thought it would be good to pick up pines cones and the more I did the more were there seemed endlessly. And it rained in the process which was normal as it is springtime. Shon had some leaf heavy secure bags which is mainly used for branches, and items such as these. So I began to fill two large bags with these cones and before it rained thought it would be an excellent idea to put the bags in a dry place so it would be easier to transport. Yet Shon thought better of it and so it rained and rained more and rained heavily. So I collected the cones again and repeatedly as both bags split from the bottom. Then I put the stuff to the front, then finally the sanitation people began to take the items as they did they dropped the cones on the street and left them. So I took a broom and a small dust pan and scooped them up put them in three white bags. Then the other recycled people came, as I was doing this and finally it was done to that point.
Went to Mass yesterday and was late however was there for the three principle parts of the Mass. Felt good about it. Though must keep in mind to go to Confession soon.


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