” An Update And A Discovery”

A much more magical numeral seven starts this blog with the end of the week and the last day of the month. An update and a discovery is in store as yesterday with determination to the appearance of the outside of the house to have it presentable to visitors and to myself began working on the shrubberies by hand. Then keeping in mind finishing the task asked another neighbors/ friend’s niece, Tracy if Yvonne would have some tools. After starting the task by hand thought it would be advantageous. Sure enough Yvonne came out and supplied an electric saw, hand clippers, and some hand straight clippers. So both of us, proceeded to accomplish a four hour task which was enjoyable and actually didn’t seem that long.
While doing this came across and empty large bird’s nest and immediately thought of my dearest younger son, Andre as he is intrigued by the sight of nature. Recalling the words he uttered about a very tiny bird’s nest which he watched for over a week as he would be coming home after the overnight’s shift. He said,” Mom, birds are very secretive and hide their nest far away from the public and noise.” So sure enough this is where we both found this nest. Wouldn’t think there would be nestled hidden here. Yes, Andre you are very intuitive.
As I was picking up the branches, sticks and other items taking them to the curb there were yes, of course more pine cones, not an endless variety yet they were certainly noticeable. So Yvonne answered an unquestionable thought.


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