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” Nothing And Everything”

May 24, 2016

Here I am back on my stomping ground which is feeling like home doing something I truly enjoy, expressing my inner and ultimate thoughts to those who would like to take a quick gander to this.
Keeping things in focus which is truly difficult with such distractions in the way however that is the way it is: just dealing with it and coming out successfully. First of all am on Windows 10 which is somewhat different yet a change which is good. It kept all my sites and just checking where it is because it has changed a bit for instance the passwords are different in the fact that for google and this great wonderful expression of thought website had to reinvent a password and that is fine for the reason all the hacking out there and speaking of that I was hacked on this social media website and still can’t log on so I say” So What, No Big Deal”. I often view things from news sites which I want to share on this social media site and find I can’t so I secretly say to myself people are out there are missing something fantastic. Went to the eye doctor now have to go to another eye doctor which is good. Wasn’t impressed in the least with this doctor. Miss Doctor Michael B Shapiro. He is the best. Still not interested in making a lot of friends here. Just have a few friends here and that is sufficient for me. Have a group of true friends all over the place so that’s what is important. Speaking of that, my birthday was terrific am extending it through the month of May which I feel good about that. Am still getting items from Amazon which having to use my old email and password in order to obtain items which is wonderful getting around the process.
I have wifi so I can be streaming anything. I go on youtube and pick of cuny the news program and watch Jimmy Breslin’s interviews. Then there is Pete Hamill which there are interviews with him by a variety of persons. He has written a movie script which is marvelous and I finally viewed the clips to it. And Hamill speaks also. It is with Steve S. who is an author and an actor. It is called” A Poet Long Ago”. There is a website which shows the advertisement of the movie. It is Check it out. Now there is a red line under what I scripting. Usually it happens when there is a misspelled word or a something that has to do with a website. Well at first I stopped scripting and then I am still do it. Oh, well. As an Irish toast goes” May Ye Be In Heaven Half An Hour Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead”

” Indigenousness”

May 12, 2016

Here it is, three wonderful days before my birthday. Already got a gift card from Ian. Also Andre has been phoning me with stimulating thought provoking positive long conversations which is a real joy that warms my heart. Been feeling fine considering my upcoming age. Really making an effort to stay active, healthy both physically, mentally and emotionally which is very important.
Speaking of Amazon, it is note worthy to say that when you originally have an email and password with them it stays indefinitely regardless if you want to change it. You can’t. I had to call them because I had changed my email and password. Spent nearly two frustrating days which were well worth the time and it ended up successful.
Then on another note had it pop up on my computer which was MacAfee and it was endlessly there when I initially turn it on and would run slower than normal. So I went on google to uninstall it and saw this entertaining humorous video. I went to control panel and uninstalled it. Now it is better.
On still another venue my son Andre asked me to put an attachment on his email so he would have “Paradise Epilogue 2. So I tried and was just not doing it yet nearly doing it so I asked my roommates daughter and she did it.
Now to the subject which is the title. The title is a noun if anyone is interested. Noticed months ago on the guardian a news site an article which informed the readers of a place and people of the Attawapiskat which are indigenous to Canadian Indians. These people live in horrid conditions in Manitoba province and little or nothing has changed for a lengthy time. These people are crammed together in less than what you would call shacks without drinking water, bathroom places for privacy in fact there isn’t any: not even outdoor places. Hardly anything to eat. They live or you might say exist worse than animals. As a result these people are prevalent to alcoholism, other devises to make their life just existing. Sometimes it can be a cataclysmic event that drives these people to the ends of their rope. These human being have the propensity to do all in their power to survive however sometimes it is a quagmire that comes to them. It actually mystifies the outsider who hasn’t a clue. Simply because others are wrapped up in their own selfishness, or something else. The Canadian government seems uninterested too. This is a myxomatosis situation. Are the American Indians treated a little better? These people have the same problems and are on reservations, can’t vote in elections because they belong to a tribe. So if they were asked to fight for this country as a privilege American would they undoubtedly answer surely. Besides there is a new book by Sabastian Junger called the “Tribe” Namely saying if the people of a foreign country can take part in the fighting with the aid of the American soldiers and the American Indians fight and be able to vote in this country. The country is Afghanistan. A question and a thought to ponder.

” A Correlation”

May 7, 2016

Tis the time for a brand new month with birthdays, celebrations, junior and senior proms, weddings, all for the mere ultimate joy and sharing in harmony. Living here in Georgia is an eye opening experience on a daily basis with many new items to fill with the constant sense of learning. Namely here it is called a wetland. Was curious so asked a friend/ neighbor and she replied” in each back yard there is a creek which is filled with natural water and when it rains which it does often this creek is filled with an abundance of water. It stays there all year long except in the summer which the creek becomes bone dry.”
There is a correlation between the many places yet let’s focus on two of them namely the Flint River and the Chattahoochee river. One in Michigan and the other in Georgia. The Flint River which has made news recently is responsible for the drinking water which is and has been unsafe for children and has a quite a lot of lead in it that produces lead poisoning and this is happening in Atlanta too which many children are in the same boat. This is unacceptable. There was a news report on channel 11 which focuses on this issue however it hasn’t brought the attention nationally as it did in Flint. Just give it time and it will hopefully bring the people who are compliance in this dastardly action.
My son Andre is doing well. Gladly I heard from him last night as he was walking home from work. Always love hearing from him. He is the best. Requested that I send his sequel” Paradise Epilogue2″ to him. Not sure how to get this accomplished. It is in my documents on my computer. So I will have to ask someone who actually knows about it so he will receive it safely. So many people say” Oh I know how to do that and then no they don’t. There is a song by toad the wet sprocket which are extremely talented, has a disc called ” Pale” the song which refers to this is, ” Liars Everywhere” Another song is called ” Chile” which is very intriguing. A part of the song which comes to mind is ” it’s hard to tell the right from the wrong, when the right is protecting the wrong.” This happens far to often.