” A Correlation”

Tis the time for a brand new month with birthdays, celebrations, junior and senior proms, weddings, all for the mere ultimate joy and sharing in harmony. Living here in Georgia is an eye opening experience on a daily basis with many new items to fill with the constant sense of learning. Namely here it is called a wetland. Was curious so asked a friend/ neighbor and she replied” in each back yard there is a creek which is filled with natural water and when it rains which it does often this creek is filled with an abundance of water. It stays there all year long except in the summer which the creek becomes bone dry.”
There is a correlation between the many places yet let’s focus on two of them namely the Flint River and the Chattahoochee river. One in Michigan and the other in Georgia. The Flint River which has made news recently is responsible for the drinking water which is and has been unsafe for children and has a quite a lot of lead in it that produces lead poisoning and this is happening in Atlanta too which many children are in the same boat. This is unacceptable. There was a news report on channel 11 which focuses on this issue however it hasn’t brought the attention nationally as it did in Flint. Just give it time and it will hopefully bring the people who are compliance in this dastardly action.
My son Andre is doing well. Gladly I heard from him last night as he was walking home from work. Always love hearing from him. He is the best. Requested that I send his sequel” Paradise Epilogue2″ to him. Not sure how to get this accomplished. It is in my documents on my computer. So I will have to ask someone who actually knows about it so he will receive it safely. So many people say” Oh I know how to do that and then no they don’t. There is a song by toad the wet sprocket which are extremely talented, has a disc called ” Pale” the song which refers to this is, ” Liars Everywhere” Another song is called ” Chile” which is very intriguing. A part of the song which comes to mind is ” it’s hard to tell the right from the wrong, when the right is protecting the wrong.” This happens far to often.

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