” Nothing And Everything”

Here I am back on my stomping ground which is feeling like home doing something I truly enjoy, expressing my inner and ultimate thoughts to those who would like to take a quick gander to this.
Keeping things in focus which is truly difficult with such distractions in the way however that is the way it is: just dealing with it and coming out successfully. First of all am on Windows 10 which is somewhat different yet a change which is good. It kept all my sites and just checking where it is because it has changed a bit for instance the passwords are different in the fact that for google and this great wonderful expression of thought website had to reinvent a password and that is fine for the reason all the hacking out there and speaking of that I was hacked on this social media website and still can’t log on so I say” So What, No Big Deal”. I often view things from news sites which I want to share on this social media site and find I can’t so I secretly say to myself people are out there are missing something fantastic. Went to the eye doctor now have to go to another eye doctor which is good. Wasn’t impressed in the least with this doctor. Miss Doctor Michael B Shapiro. He is the best. Still not interested in making a lot of friends here. Just have a few friends here and that is sufficient for me. Have a group of true friends all over the place so that’s what is important. Speaking of that, my birthday was terrific am extending it through the month of May which I feel good about that. Am still getting items from Amazon which having to use my old email and password in order to obtain items which is wonderful getting around the process.
I have wifi so I can be streaming anything. I go on youtube and pick of cuny the news program and watch Jimmy Breslin’s interviews. Then there is Pete Hamill which there are interviews with him by a variety of persons. He has written a movie script which is marvelous and I finally viewed the clips to it. And Hamill speaks also. It is with Steve S. who is an author and an actor. It is called” A Poet Long Ago”. There is a website which shows the advertisement of the movie. It is apoetlongago.com. Check it out. Now there is a red line under what I scripting. Usually it happens when there is a misspelled word or a something that has to do with a website. Well at first I stopped scripting and then I am still do it. Oh, well. As an Irish toast goes” May Ye Be In Heaven Half An Hour Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead”


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