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” A Mismash” Part Two

June 16, 2016

When things are stressful it is good to at least to hum or better yet sing a favourite song that you know precisely. In my case I’ve been humming a Santo and Johnny song call ” Ebbtide” It is soothing and has a calming effect and actually does the trick, and works. Floating on a barge as I am playing a game works too.
Been patiently waiting for a book from Amazon which is taking their sweet time. Irritating to say the least though cela vie! Must say there are a lot of red underling words with this blog. Then I am waiting for a doctor bill to come in the mail. So who does that? Guess who. You are correct, me! Need to get my haircut again, just want it to look better, then getting my glasses which had been scratched from a while ago in Wisconsin, then posting my dearest sweetest friend in this entire world whose birthday is the 21st of this month a surprise present.
Some people don’t have the compunction or the scruples to know the difference of when the person says something that is derogatory, they actually just blurt it out and yes without a thought of what they are saying. Why they actually don’t have the power to even think so that is very sad. The best diplomatic thing to do it just ignore the source of annoyance. It is difficult yet that is the only thing to do. Just act that they don’t even exist and just remember karma what goes around, comes around.

” Floating On A Barge”

June 11, 2016

Would you believe that it just all at once disappeared all 300 plus words so say oh well start over which is my way as I have all the practice at this. Today is my best first cousin’s birthday. Happy Birthday dearest Mike on your 75th year. Know that your family will celebrate this with you! Just think you are only a year older than myself. How wonderfully amazing is this. Speaking of birthdays still celebrating mine from last month. I am getting presents from Amazon. Just today had to return a laserdisc a favorite movie simply because I didn’t have a laserdisc player and wasn’t intending to have that ever. This is advanced technology for those who are interested. Speaking of that, my mobile phone has issues. Unfortunately had to delete the once said messages from only 5 months in order for those who are sending a message. That isn’t correct saying that only 5 months is “old”, though did this now it is saying to delete messages still so guess what already have done this. It still is happening and if I say anything to the carrier they will say upgrade because they are in the selling game. It is unlikely they will fix it on the spot.
One of my best friends in this world had Conjunctivitis for a short time. I had a similar ailment while in Wisconsin after taking some sinus medicine which was a mistake. Still had to use eye drops for a short time. It too was very painfully anything that had to do with the nerves especially the eyes. It cleared up within a matter of weeks. Gladly Alynn’s condition cleared up and doesn’t return. Mine hasn’t returned either.
There is a smog alert here, and it is most uncomfortable in the mid 90s and it will continue a long time and its not the start of summer yet which begins on the 21st. So welcome or unwelcome to the South. Keeping hydrated too which is most important anytime regardless.
Again keeping positive despite all the negativity and there is a lot of that. Name it, its there. Just keeping in mind there is a time limit to this place: for every action, there is a reaction.

” The Plot Thickens” Part One

June 3, 2016

This is truly a myxmatosis! How to commense is the question, from the end, to the middle, or start. Well as it flows it goes is my best guess scenario. The very used dresser that I am using, yet should be grateful I have one. The drawers stick incessantly and gets stuck in one place since it was given to me. So the first drawer was sticking and not moving at all. So I have my clothes in all four drawers. The top drawer has my underwear in it which is quite a lot. I am opening it and it only goes not even a quarter of the way. Now picture this. So I leave it that way for a more than a month and it is getting to me. Trying to ignore it one night and thinking I will solve this once and for all. Then in the morning I take all the clothes out of the dresser and try to solve this, again without success so I try another way. I put the clothes back into the dresser drawers. Then I stack the three drawers with clothes in them on top of one another. Then I turn the dresser on the floor face down forward, and start to pull with all my might to pull the drawer out. With a series of words which are unprintable, the drawer comes loose and it is out finally. Then I angle it so it will go back in, noticing that there was a plastic piece inhibiting the opening. So that is solved. Now before all of this occurred. I had some items of the dresser. One of them was my present from Ian at Christmas time which was carefully wrapped in paper and put in a box. Then sent to me from Jordan. He had gotten this when he was in the Holy Land. It is blue and white dish which says Bethlehem and other well known places on it. When it was originally sent to me it was broken in shipment so I kept it and had some Elmer glue and secured it. So getting back to this: I pulled the dresser drawer with such force and rightfully so that the dish fell to the floor and broke not shattered in five pieces. Then I picked it all up and was going to keep it regardless. So I spent two weeks trying to glue in back in place. Then after that was thinking about it at night and decided to put it in a small plastic see through bag. Then put all the five pieces into a jewelry cloth bag that I have given to me by my sister, Vivian a very lengthy time ago. So talk about frustrations. Many of them here.
Since I moved into this house noticed that there were wires showing on the wall that were bare. It is suppose to be a fire alarm with a battery in it. But no not here. So I mentioned this to the roommate which she rents the house and she said ” In a two weeks this will be done” So I figured how come it wasn’t done before that and how long hasn’t it been done.” Hearing on the local news here there are many fires. So that prompted me to question this.