” A Mismash” Part Two

When things are stressful it is good to at least to hum or better yet sing a favourite song that you know precisely. In my case I’ve been humming a Santo and Johnny song call ” Ebbtide” It is soothing and has a calming effect and actually does the trick, and works. Floating on a barge as I am playing a game works too.
Been patiently waiting for a book from Amazon which is taking their sweet time. Irritating to say the least though cela vie! Must say there are a lot of red underling words with this blog. Then I am waiting for a doctor bill to come in the mail. So who does that? Guess who. You are correct, me! Need to get my haircut again, just want it to look better, then getting my glasses which had been scratched from a while ago in Wisconsin, then posting my dearest sweetest friend in this entire world whose birthday is the 21st of this month a surprise present.
Some people don’t have the compunction or the scruples to know the difference of when the person says something that is derogatory, they actually just blurt it out and yes without a thought of what they are saying. Why they actually don’t have the power to even think so that is very sad. The best diplomatic thing to do it just ignore the source of annoyance. It is difficult yet that is the only thing to do. Just act that they don’t even exist and just remember karma what goes around, comes around.


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