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” Many More Sides Of A Coin”

July 19, 2016

Just finished a well written highly recommended book A Life Damon Runyon by Jimmy Breslin. He is indeed the best writer ever. I’ve now read everyone of his books and thoroughly enjoyed each one. I just raced through it from beginning to end. Now I’ve started Women Travelers 1850-1950. Fascinating. My love of reading is a beautiful ongoing pastime.
There are certainly many more sides of a coin. Depending on the circumstances, the single situation, the subject, although it may change the outlook is the same. In my childhood there were lots of nevers. Far too many. However I was able to overcome this however it did naturally affect my way I treat others. It had too there wasn’t anyway around this. For instance I was excluded, so I turn it around especially in conversations I include when making a statement or even asking a question. I just naturally do that without thinking. One aspect of my childhood was that I never had a birthday party, or simply a cake. So naturally I again turn it around and remember each birthday and recognize it by saying a greeting. Again I just naturally do that. About two months ago I naturally recognized my late husband’s brothers birthday and said actually something very sincere and appropriate about that day. I was immediately slammed by an insulting response from a person who will remain nameless. Actually hadn’t said even a word to her. She is a daughter of my niece who is very loving and caring. Naturally didn’t want to say anything in response because I was flabbergasted as the gall of this young daughter. She has noet one redeeming quality. Thought to myself it is a defamation of my character. Then I thought let it go. Not worth a response. It surely didn’t want to response to the mother as of her daughter’s behavior. Surely didn’t want in anyway to hurt the mother’s feelings. So therefore I just let it stand as mute. I seem to overcompensate when it comes to feelings of others, which is a good way to approach this. The inbetween is mine.

” Going Against The Grain”

July 10, 2016

Surprisingly there is again on the social media site which deals with thoughts which is entitled Notes. Well low and behold I found it there once again after quite a time away. So I thought this would be an excellent time to elaborate on this just a bit. Being high strung or hyper sensitive which is part of who I am, I was saying this to one of my friends as part of a broader conversation which entailed bio medicine and she mentioned that people who have red or in my case auburn hair have a tendency to be that way. Wondered why I was restless sometimes and that is part of it. So to counterbalance this have to find ways that I would be able to relax and so do something positive and something I find enjoyable.
I had just finished Soulswimmer by Alfie McCourt a couple of weeks ago, and he died suddenly. Was saddened thought how young he was just a year older than myself. This is unexplainable to me. Now I am reading a book by Jimmy Breslin called A Life Damon Runyon. I am enthralled with it. Am in the middle of it and it is just mesmerizing just a great and detailed writer actually my favorite.
After much soul searching came to the decision to move to Rochester, N.Y. simply one reason is my son Andre is there and he simply really likes the place tremendously. Not finding an ophthalmologist here in Georgia found an excellent doctor in Rochester. Simply I am the only person and it is only up to me to find the very best there is concerning my eyes. It is of utter importance to find someone who has excellent credentials and a patient doctor relationship which is a factor of value. Found the doctor online and made an appointment on December 2nd. Today I got the papers from the office and will post the medical records to the office the next time I go to the post office which is soon. I am calmer now that I am moving too.
Really gave this place a real honest chance and it isn’t working out for me on many factors. Have told my roommate and actually explained fully and she understands. Told her that I didn’t want to leave her high and dry and that’s a Radiohead song and she will have enough time to get another roommate. So in that respect things are somewhat calmer now which I was very diplomatic in the equation. And fair also. She is a friend so have to treat her as that.