” Copacetic”

A world of thoughts whirling around in my brain that keeps me on key with things around me. Finished a beautifully written book previously mentioned that was educational by Alexandra La Pierre and co authored by Christal Mouchard. Now believe it or not am nearly finished with another book” An Unpredictable Life” by Rosie Perez. What an honest, straight forward courageous epic of mind mesmerizing experiences that this fine lady went through in her life. At times it is very emotionally heartbreaking yet true with no holes barred. Her unique style of authentic writing is skillfully insightful. It is humorous in a wonderful New York style which makes it more wonderful than it already is.
Speaking of books am sending my bestest friend in this world a book ” The Love Of Butterflies by Margaret Fountaine. These butterflies are European and the years is in the 1800’s with beautiful photos throughout. Surely hope he really loves this gift as it is one of his birthday gifts as he can’t get too many of those because he is a true gentleman that deserves these.
An innovative idea and to some people might think a bit with controversy: children should go to school the year round. Now this will far out reach the benefits, as it will solve the hunger problem which plagues the U.S. particularly. Most children who are in the lower level of the economy can’t afford the lunch program, and for that matter barely gets enough to eat daily. So how can a child concentrate on their studies if they are constantly hungry. There wouldn’t be any more latchkey kids, or having the TV as a babysitter, or any other devices. The gangs of kids wouldn’t be left idle with nothing to do, getting themselves in trouble or worse. Of course there would be a time off for a break to spend time with their friends or their families. The states would save money if this occurred in many ways imaginable.
Have done something just for myself, got my haircut. Look adorable. And for a while am wearing four pairs of earrings in both ears. Have had many compliments. Then went to Lens Crafters to purchase another pair of glasses. Just to make a long story short. The person in charge put some lenses in these frames which I already had and besides these lenses were a backup pair I had from before that Santos had given me just in case. I had kept them for nearly 4 years and now they have finally come into practice. Oh the adventure didn’t cost me anything. Yay. An afterthought speaking of Rosie Perez’s book which was on the emotional side, I couldn’t sleep one night and went to the closet and grabbed one of many of my stuffed animals which was a teddy bear that my bestest friend had given me, and held it close for maybe 45 minutes then placed it back in the closet.


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