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” Taking Things In Stride

January 21, 2017

Taking things in stride is pleasant now, than it has been previously. Catching up on movies, such as Shawshank Redemption, Eight Days A Week, and the amazing series of Broadway Empire which is ranked in my book one of the three best pieces of material ever.
My experience tasting new foods is always a new adventure. Going to Beale Street CafĂ© with my son Andre was amazing. We both ordered different items. He ordered The Poboy crawfish while I ordered the Etoufee which is a French dish. Have never had it before and wanted to try it. Reason being that my sinuses were acting up and thought it would help. While patiently waiting for the menu to come which was more than 20 minutes at least it seemed so, we decided to wait at the bar. Andre ordered a whiskey and coke and I ordered a rum and coke. We finally walked home and had the food. Mine was too salty and Andre’s wasn’t right. The crawfish was overcooked and no tarter sauce came with it. Andre phoned the place and the lady was apologetic saying that it was very busy which wasn’t an excuse and offered a gift certificate for 10 dollars. Both Andre and John are chefs and know how to cook even in highly paced places. This restaurant is an American, Cajun and Creole place New Orleans style so why are they in Rochester?
Had a bank account in Stone Mountain and wanted to close it. Initially the guy was highly offensive so after trying several times and going online to see where a Wells Fargo was in Rochester there wasn’t any except six hours away which I had phoned the advisors which wasn’t a bank here. So phoned the branch again in Ga, and got a lady whom I had spoken to previously while living there, fortunately she took the necessary information and will mail me the balance.
Linden Street is in the historic district with homes that date back to 1877 or longer. Found out about this while walking on South Ave. with Andre, terrific.
Took the bus downtown and went to a couple of places then we decided to walk back home which was already planned. We took the Riverwalk Path which part of it was blocked off so we had to cross several streets with cars wising by at a great clip. Of course I became very nervous which made Andre the same as well. It reminded me of a ferris wheel and roller coaster combined. Not a pleasant site. We saw a squat of homeless people in tents for privacy also. After walking across a parking lot we found the Genesee River, with mallard both female and male and seagulls flying overhead, and countless beautiful pigeons on the ground. It would be a 10 minute busride home yet it took us 20 minutes. Love living here. Each day there is something new, which is wonderful.

” Pondering Questions”

January 7, 2017

This is my very first blog to start off a brand new year. Pondering questions are instilled while always indelible in a mind which is always inquisitive. Has the public been aware of the Mandela Effect? This is quite interesting, of course it has many ways of viewing this always depending on the person accepting or denying it. It is true and originates from quantum computerizing. An albatross which was found by researchers and later by biologists on the land had fallen to his demise. Sadly these educated men found a tremendous amount to plastic embedded in his stomach which extended into his intestine. All the time people are too lazy to put garbage where it shouldn’t be, while the five great lakes are laden with trash of assorted items small and large. The most horrendous lake is Lake Erie. You can find all sorts of items from old automobile tires to anything and everything. In the Pacific Ocean there is a place in the depth of the ocean where there is a tons of plastic, as it has harden in time it is extremely difficult to get as it is solid so humans can walk on it. So now this albatross has come to his end in this unfortunate path. The United States of America should and must find another way to screen the brave men and women who fight and protect this country of ours. There have been many who have mental illness and shouldn’t be allowed to join. These individuals have types of mental issues which after serving the illness has gotten considerably worse.
Noticed that while walking downtown in the attempt to pay my cricket bill last month, I figured out a smoother way. After my debit card came and I activated it, I went online to set up an auto pay starting this month. There are fewer cricket offices here which I don’t intend to switch. Still like the service. Now I don’t have to worry about the bill being paid each month and getting stress out about it.
Looking slowly for an apartment. I was online with my niece and she gave me a web site. Gave the important reference about it. Two days later got an email and had been conversing with the person and she said she was going to give my name to the leasing agent. There really isn’t a rush now, though getting the ball rolling. It is in a prime location so time will tell.
My dearest friend Alynn is going to give me a tracking number this weekend and will be sending me more of my things, Andre is still requesting his knife for camping.
It has been snowing and quite cold here yet not as harsh as other parts of the country. Still like it here and its home.