” No Surprises”

Beautiful warm day now, though a week ago wasn’t good for man or beast. Very windy in fact fifty mile an hour with down power lines and anything in the way played havoc. Walked outside in the morning and it was seventy degree weather though in the afternoon the temp was dropping rapidly then by midnight the wind howled to a fever pitch. By the morning walked outside and the wind was so strong it nearly blew me over and being under 100 pounds actually 93 it didn’t take much to topple me to the ground. So I figured I’d go in for a while to wait for it to subside. And it did. So out again to take a daily stroll the wind was calmer yet not much. So now I am at Andre’s and it is so good to see him and be on my computer. Finally published the previous blog I did sixteen days ago which was blogged in February. The point is that it is done. Now for this month which has gone well thus far. Been at my new apartment which is ok, not many light plugs, laundry room is in the basement with very steep stairs which are concrete, the railing is on one side and part of it is jams to the wall. The machines aren’t in good shape and expensive. So when I initially when down the stairs, had boots on and Andre mentioned it was dangerous. It is a good idea to find a laundry mat on South Ave. Not taking any changes and besides there are people hanging around the back door of the building in good weather. Even if I want to do laundry in the daytime which is the more reasonable time it still isn’t safe. Figuring I will do the laundry next month. Have a doctor’s appointment in April.
Been listening to the radio for entertainment, playing cards, writing letters to my dear friend Weesie. Keeping calm and focusing on important items. Speaking on the phone to friends and relatives also. Speaking of friends Alynn is sending another package today which is super. Looking forward to this. My apartment doesn’t have much room as far as storage, little closet space in the kitchen. No surprises with that, though the place isn’t the worse either so not allowed pets, or have a place to decorate either. Those are the drawbacks, it is within my budget which is fine. So that is that for the moment. My son is asleep now so trying to be as quiet as possible. While blogging this had a couple of mountain dews and a orange ice cream on a stick. Am satisfied with the little things in life.


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